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Thats What Diaries Are For - Various - Indietracks 2010: An Indiepop Compilation (CDr)

Fanzine is being printed. This weekend I had to print the CD sleeves. So the fanzine is sort of ready. Just the situation is not great of course. But I will be adding in the next few days pre-order button. But I of course will appreciate any support there is to the label!

Yellow Dudes : interesting find thanks to my friend Casio from Spain. This band hails from Tepic, Mexico. Is it the first band I hear from there? Could be. Must be. It is a nice sweet song that lasts a little more than 4 minutes. I am not very familiar with this band but this song has made me very curious. The Radio Dept. Well, that is now canceled.

Good timing. Popinjays : and this is quite cool! Happy times and happy listening! I am still looking for a copy myself. It came out on one of my favourite Japanese labels ever, the Bluebadge label. For the front artwork it had an illustration of a girl with headphones, listening to music. In orange tints. They are all credited to Jun Inoue. Aside from this release the band appeared on three compilations in the first half of the noughties.

Bluebadge Compilation Vol. That would be all. But there are actually some live footage on Youtube. I see 4 people playing. Sadly there is no tracklist for it. Another gig on Youtube is the one of them playing also in Shibuya at the venue ChelseaHotel. This one dates from March 21, This account seems to have many live videos for the band.

Then a full gig at Koenji High dating from January 11, and at Daisybar in Shimokitazawa dating from April 12 To my surprise, not too long ago the band has put together a Youtube channel and uploaded more videos of them playing live! So the band is still playing? In they were still playing as I notice on this videos of them playing at the Bar EdgeEnd on January 31 of that year. I keep googling. On the front cover we see a photo illustration of the four members.

What were their names now?! Then a Soundcloud page with many goodies! Ok, maybe this band is not so obscure. But it was for me before looking for information about them. Where was this one released?

Discogs is really not up to date! But really no story of the band. Like who were the band members? Had they been in other bands I have a hunch one or some were in Sloppy Joe? What years were they active? How did they start? Are there more releases other than the ones I mentioned?

Tons of questions that I hope to get answers! Listen Cleandistortion — Teenage Green Cracker. Day 8. One can only be productive at these times. I have added info on the website for the next two releases. So I am taking it little by little. I have the Macguffins and the 10th fanzine listed now on the website. All the info you need, but no ordering yet. I hope that comes soon. In the meantime the zine booklets have been sent to print. Again little by little. Another thing, because of the situation I will be going to the post office just once a week.

So there may be a wee delay for orders to arrive home. It sounds really amazing! I hope they get a new release out soon! From First To Last has just started and has no plans of slowing down. Even the guitar solos. Well why not? This is well worth a look in. Great mix of alt-country, emo and pop. The melodies are nice, the singing is excellent, and the production listen to the drums is top notch! Very different from and much better than all their previous recordings.

Favourite tracks This Way Out, Under the Sun and Man from Porlock great to discover something that reminds me that era but still sounds fresh. Very much in the vein of the current indie bands like, The Automatic, The Libertines. Again listenable favourite track is the title one Just like You the other 2 are more album tracks.

Not more a can say. The press release lists all these folk that think they are great but I have to confess I dont have the foggiest what its all going on about. What I do know however is that here in sunny Manchester a Guff is a Fart. M Paterson.

Keep up the great work lads, the only downside, is I want more. Good DIY Punk rock fast guitars and samples. Great to listen to. One for the die-hard glam punks only. The band creates a densely layered collage of noise, imbued with the speediness of hardcore punk, the low crushing tones of death metal, the loose and dissonant playfulness of indie rock, and arrangements that hit multiple places at once dissolving into waves of chaos. By seamlessly integrating the raw energy of post-hardcore with contemporary punk rock and elements of classical strings and piano, I Am Ghost have developed a unique style that crosses genres, unites scenes and makes for a powerful overall experience.

Lyrically, the band explores aspects of love, life, tragedy and triumph; the vocals range from incensed hardcore growls and screams to spine-tingling synchronous choruses that seamlessly encapsulate both beauty and sorrow. Even with the enhanced meaning in all of the songs on Everything In Transit, the love for California and Venice Beach is evident everywhere; adding to the adult punk feel that makes this band so successful on its first go. It sounds like Rock to me and the Thin Lizzy cover finished me off.

To be honest, this is more radio-friendly indie, with a few rock-lite guitar moments that brings to mind at times late Idlewild — very melodic, catchy and, as the title suggests, wide-eyed epic. This long-titled song is rather good, actually. With Laura Viers doing a recent solo tour where she replaced guitar solos in her songs with whistled passages, perhaps the siffleur in the middle section of this song was inspired - no bad thing to hear whistling in a rock song as the late John Peel knew.

Great drumming, good chorus. Watch this lot. The most unlikely roots-radical instrument after the swanee whistle is the melodica and Pablo made it a feature of deep reggae.

Amongst the whirling repeat echo and whip-smart snare drum it charges along well enough. Maybe a little better. Studio performers and collaborators include: J. Produced by Bill Stevenson.

Pass Out! You may be able to tell by now I quite like 3-pieces, and true to form this has caught my attention right from the word go. Here we have 7 tracks of quality street punk with 3 way vocals in places, sometimes guttural, melodic in others.

The drumming really makes this for me as their sticksman is rather good, it carries the well crafted songs nicely through so as to keep your attention rather than the usual verse-chorus-verse that can be associated with some bands of this ilk.

I would love to see this band live. Contagious guitar formulas, teamwork vocals that mount continuous assaults, and plain old fashion fun. Lovehatehero has taken that time and honed their sound to a fine and sharp precision that seeks to entertain thousands. Producing a close Underoath feeling, they form a complete entirely new entity around their chemistry. Energy is in full effect with every press of the record button. Guitar heavy albums are always on the top of my lists, and this album has an abundance of string masterpieces.

Aggressive solos create sunrises of colors with their imaginative formations. One picture is worth a thousand words, and one Lovehatehero song is worth a thousand words of praise. The songs capricious lyrics match with the energy that is unleashed as strings break and speakers blow under the stress of the hyper and out of control guitars. A heavier and more dredging song takes the funny title. A very strong finish for the album, and acts as the light at the end of the tunnel that you race to get to and every step of the way you get more excited until you are engulfed in it and the journey was well worth it.

Boundless concentration and raging multitudes of power empty their tireless beautiful works in my ears and wake me up every time I hear them. It also acts as a breath of fresh air in a time of a lot of stagnant music. It seems no matter what you think this album is going to deliver, it will pleasantly surprise you on all fronts. Their fresh sound that keeps an upbeat feel and adventurous guitars is a recipe for success.

All I have to say is watch out, you might just get caught by this infectious music that shows no sign of stopping. But overall, this is K! If you like the Ordinary Boys then yeah by all means get hold of this demo. That album shows the good side of the band. Whether the rest of this Brighton band can continue is another matter, but this quiet epitaph is poignant indeed. Surprisingly this heady mix results in a rather sedate if accomplished sound. I cant help liking this although I try desperately not too.

Top track is Good Gone Bad which to be honest sounds exactly the same as every Teenage Fanclub song ever written. Refreshing honesty! It is immediately apparent that these boys have a talent for melodic songs, catchy hooks, spiky lyrics and an untampered sound, similar in many ways to Green Day, or, in weaker moments, resembling Three Colours Red.

Pierre sometimes comes across as a young James Dean Bradfield in vocal colour, bearing a stronger top register which gets overused in The Future Freaks Me Out. For me this is the least effective song on the album, with lyrics on Will and Grace clumsily coupled with drum and bass.

Tony Thaxton drums a treat on Red Dress, one of many highpoints where musicianship is concerned. They are at their most effective when backing vocals are employed, with closing track A-OK given greater depth and even the coda of The Future Freaks Me Out almost rescuing what went before. Expect them to improve further on the second album, which has apparently already been recorded. Folk Punk at its best, current lyrics with traditional music played fast, well done.

The rest of this cd plods along in a very radio friendly manner, nothing is really awful about it, but at the same time, nothing stands out in any way at all.

It just seems to lack bite. Apparently, someone told them they sound like Nirvana and the Pixies, but where as Nirvana were loud and in your face, My Secret Life are quietly standing behind a window staring at you.

By no means terrible and there is potential here, but they need to find their own sound. And there is nothing wrong with boy-band choruses.

From the first notes it can only be New Model Army, Justin Sullivan distinctive voice, pounding drums thumping bass lines and guitars. Unmistakably New Model Army, listenable I think far more for the established fan than a first time listener.

No Motive has polished their sound into a steady buzz of melodically injected punk rock with grinding tones and heart-splitting lyrics to match. A genuine treat for your audio palate. This CD is awesome. The lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt. I saw these guys in concert and they blew me away. Buy, you, this, now. This is fourth album band members have put out in the last few months!

A bit like The Stooges doing Small Faces covers. The album is imbibed with grooving swampiness and esoteric contemplation, all anchored by the brutal stomp that has been imitated by many in the years since PTW first emerged, but never duplicated. Heres the thing Our Bass player Mark had put some of our songs up on YouTube a few years ago. Then out of the blue. Uwe from Firestation left a message on the comment section asking about us and I guess one thing led to another.

Are there more still unreleased? The songs and recordings are all our own no question. But as we were sifting through our old session and Demo tapes we did discover 3 songs that we had never recorded. We thought it was a good omen as it would have been 30yrs ago it was made when Firestation would release our album of the same name in They can expect to hear a lot of catchy riffs and interwoven bass lines which cover an array of Indie styles together with solid melodic vocal lines and meaningful lyrics which I hope leave the listener humming at least one of our tunes!!

Is it family? Tell me a bit more! Yes thats my younger Brother Steve who did that arrangement.. Steve and two of the other members of The Cherry Brogues would then later go on to form Polyteen. Where were they taken? That photo was taken from the upstairs balcony in Whelans which is a great gig venue in Dublin and still draws in a good crowd.

It was taken by our drummers father Mick Shortt.. I could be wrong but I think its about a female narcissist.. The lyrics would definitely steer me in that direction to think so. Nonetheless its also a song about realisation and knowing when your being played!

The nights we played in The Dublin Underground will always stand out. The stage was tiny but the atmosphere in the place was electric and welcoming and the crowd was definitely alternative, goths, mods, punks you name it. I think we have some pictures on our Facebook page of us playing in there if anyone wants to look. Thankfully I have to say no. We were lucky maybe I guess.

We stopped around or The reason we stopped was because we had been together for a good number of years and life was also making its own separate demands on us, work, mortgages, kids, etc.

No, not after we finished in We did you a reunion gig a few years after that. But that was it then it was a wrap! Are there any future plans for the band? The release of the album has certainly sparked a new found interest in the band but I guess we shall have to see how our single release goes later this year before we start to go tuning up again to quickly lol. The press have been very interested in our story. They covered it twice once when our songs were released on the compilation album in and then also last year with the release of our very own album as well so that was cool.

I think it would have to be the making of this album after all this time. Its such a nice feeling to have all your recordings in one collection and see it pressed into vinyl and to see it in the record shops.

The past coming flying back to greet you again in such a good way is unreal. I do a bit of cycling too. Nothing too crazy tho!! Food and drinks one should try? Well the open top tour of Dublin is very good and a visit to the Guiness hop store is a must. Try Bruxxelles for a good pint and food you wont go wrong plus the music in there is always spot on!!

Just like to give a big shout out to Uwe from Firestation records Berlin for making this happen and also to you and your readers for taking the time to read this. Cheers folks!! Today I will continue doing so. It is really shaping up nicely and I am hoping it will be ready by the end of next month as the latest!

The song sounds terrific, a sweet indiepop slice that leaves me looking for more music by them! Real : not a great name for a band but still this Puerto Rican band make some terrific shoegaze.

Is there a cool up and coming scene in San Juan? Definitely it is not a release one can miss. It has 5 songs of superb indiepop.

These songs deserve that! Massage : and if I was mentioning Peggy from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart in the previous band, now it is time to see what Alex is doing. Yes this also deserves to be released as a single though it seems this track will be part of their second LP later this year. Not to be missed clearly! Thomas Clayton Wolfe October 3, — September 15, was an American novelist of the early twentieth century. He is known for mixing highly original, poetic, rhapsodic, and impressionistic prose with autobiographical writing.

I wonder of course if the name of the song was after the American writer? Who could confirm me that? I wonder if there are recordings for this band somewhere?

They were part of the scene that worked at the Vulcan Studios. That included great bands like The Jactars or The Decemberists.

This track was engineered by Noddy Knowler. On this compilation the band appears under the name Da Vincis. There were many fine bands on this one like Fallover 24 and The Dubious Brothers among others.

The date for this release must have been sometime between and Much later on, in , the band would contribute tracks to two Cherry Red boxsets. But most importantly the band left us two releases. I know this label because they released the wonderful Jactars and Barbel. It had six songs, three on each side. The songs were recorded in February at Amazon Studios. Something interesting too is that there were runout etchings on the record.

The band is credited for producing the record while Keith Hartley was the engineer. The tracks were recorded on the 15 and 16 of October of at Amazon Studios. The executive producer was Andy Jones.

Here we find etchings as well. With this new lineup the band toured Germany during November and December that year. Then they toured France and many lineup changes happened, even working as a three-piece for some time. Then in the band split. Their last gig was in March But there is more about them.

The band actually recorded two Peel Sessions! Have you any surprises lined up for your performance at Indietracks? Will you be performing as a two piece? Alessandro: We are working on a special song-list with covers and other songs.

Thursday, 29 July More Indietracks on film. Following yesterday's quick video round-up, here's another amazing Indietracks video, this time from Lucy Dawkins, who's making the Story of Sarah Records documentary.

There's also some great footage of the railway and the festival site, as well as music from the Pooh Sticks and Betty and The Werewolves. It's a really lovely video and comes highly recommended! If you've done a review, write up or blog about the festival, please let us know and we'll include it. Tuesday, 27 July Indietracks on film! Wow, so many of you were out and about with your video cameras at Indietracks this weekend - we've had a fine old time sifting through all of your offerings!

Here's their short video round-up, featuring an interview with our very own Emma from Team Indietracks! What a star!

So Cute! Which could just be a blip, so I've poured over the old festival guides for Indietracks , and About that much? So, as I have access to the raw data, we can categorised them differently, thus:- All male 19 17 17 15 Mixed mostly male 21 26 18 23 bands 13 11 11 11 Mixed mostly female 3 3 2 4 All female 4 2 5 3 Thrilling stuff that doesn't really change the argument much, except that if promoters were being sexist in their selections, there would perhaps be more 'All male' bands.

There are, of course, flaws in the methodology here. Flaws such as Dan and Jonny from Pocketbooks who as a mobile rhythm section play bass and drums in a couple of different bands, most of them featuring female members, when considering Indietracks, do Dan and Jonny only count once or multiple times or as fractions adding up to whole people.

On the female side there's Emma from Knickers, Owl and Mouse and Darren Hayman's band who's trying to make up gender inequality single-handedly. What's to do?

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  4. Red Shoe Diaries Good, this, having seen two songs of theirs at Indietracks before having to catch a train. They're quite a bit more Belle & Sebastian than we recalled - we recalled them being quite a bit Hefner-like - but these songs of hidden hope and ease seem .
  5. Aug 10,  · And bless ‘em, some of the quieter moments are quite sweet really. But overall, this is K! compilation filler. London Dave Mach Shau Make Your Excuses CDR – Self Released Two tracks of very run of the mill, I guess Jam/Who influenced indie rock. If you like the Ordinary Boys then yeah by all means get hold of this demo.
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  8. b) A copy of the Indietracks compilation CD. A double CD in fact, with 44 sizzling indiepop tunes. A double CD in fact, with 44 sizzling indiepop tunes. c) A couple of Indietracks-related promos which we have lying around.

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