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Starstruck (3) Feat. Zuraya Hamilton - Love Is (Inverse & Lumin8 Remix) (File, MP3)

Damon looked over at Bella who had closed her laptop and was now looking at him. Damon shook his head. Unless you forgot, there is someone stalking you.

There's always someone stalking me, it comes with the job. Trust me, please. I'll be fine. Bella nodded, "I promise. Now go, or you might be too late. She kissed him before he left, the feeling of fear rose up inside her as she was left alone for the first time in so long. She headed back to the living room and gathered her things deciding to head to her bedroom. She was going to get her mind off of things, she smiled as her dogs jumped up on her bed and cuddled to her.

She took out her laptop and headphones and put them one. She would work on her music, and get her mind of things. Damon groaned as night had fallen and he had barely been able to go back to Bella. Saving his brother had taken more out of him than he expected it would. A small part of himself hated his brother for taking him away from Bella at such a critical time.

He walked up the front door and his senses tickled the back of his neck as he heard scratching. Entering quickly he noticed the foreign scent inside the house. He opened the door to the backyard and had to brace himself on the door as both Chip and Dale barged into him close to knocking him off his feet.

He watched as they ran past him and up the stairs. He followed and saw as they began to scratch at the door of Bella's room.

Hesitantly, he opened the door he was slightly worried of what he would find. Damon took in a deep breath and walked towards the bed. Bella's laptop was shut and her headphones neatly settled on top, Bella had done that. He looked around and noticed the small amount of blood on the nightstand.

Growling in anger, he realized she had been taken, the dogs had been put outside by her attacker so they could take her without an incident, and the strange scent that filled the home undoubtedly belonged to her capture. With a last snarl Damon blurred outside, he took in a deep breath and tried to catch Bella's scent. Instead, he caught the undoubtable scent of cold one mixing in the air.

He followed the scent and found a pile of ash, he kneeled and took in the smell. This was the person who had been running around the house, if they were dead that meant whomever took Bella had to kill them. Taking in the air, he caught the scent of Bella's blood. The small drips that led outside of the gates to her home. He followed the trail of blood, had his girl purposely used her injury to leave a trail for him? The blood further away from the town and after what felt like hours to Damon he came upon an abandoned patch of land.

A rundown home barely standing stood in the center. It was there he caught Bella's soft heartbeat. He tensed as he heard her groan out in pain. Mike ran his ice cold hand down her cheek, his red eyes meeting her brown ones.

I'm going to get a bite to eat, and then we'll leave. I'll take you back to Forks, I'll grab my grandmother's ring, and we'll stay together forever. Bella didn't answer or make any reply, she simply kept Mike's gaze.

She restrained herself from flinching as he kissed her forehead and disappeared. She lost the battle as both her head and her hands were bleeding too profusely, she had been fighting it for the last hour, but she was losing the battle now. Damon attacked as soon as the blonde made it out of the building.

He growled as he circled the boy, "She's not yours, she's mine. You made the worst mistake of your life taking her. Damon prepared himself and he easily caught Mike by the throat, he squeezed and lifted him off the ground. Damon basked in the yell of pain that came from Mike, he planned to make this slow and painful, but he could hear Bella's heartbeat slowing down, and she came above all else.

He moved quickly tearing Mike apart limb by limb. Finally, he ripped his head from his torso, he held it by the hair and pulling out the lighter in his pocket, he lit the flame. Watching as it all lit up, the purple smoke filling the air around them. Turning to the run down building he stepped inside, preparing himself for the sight he was sure to meet. He carefully untied Bella and caught her as she went limp instantly. He lifted her up easily making sure she was secure in his arms.

He pushed his legs as fast as they would go needing to get her back to the house. He needed her to be safe before he could take care of her. He rushed inside the home and headed for Bella's room. He set her down on her bed. He shook his head at the obvious bruising on her face, he was sure there was more on the rest of her body.

He bit into his wrist and held it to her mouth. When she wasn't responding, he decided to take more drastic measures. He pinched her nose, and her body began to suck on his wrist. When it was enough he pulled back and watched her breathing pick up slowly. He stepped away and started a bath for her, he didn't want all that dirt on her.

He set her in the tub and began to scrub her down taking in every bruise and cut that hadn't healed yet. Damon sat on the bed with Bella tucked to his side, he leaned over and kissed the top of her head. He bit into his wrist one more time and held it to her mouth glad to see her instinctively latch onto his wrist.

He watched as the bruising on her face became close to non-existent. He brushed the hair out of her face and moved his hand to rest on her pulse point, he needed to feel it.

Just to remind him she was still alive, that her heart was still beating and that she was only resting. Bella smiled at Damon, she wanted to put her arm around his waist and be as close to him as possible, but she couldn't let someone see them together in public.

Instead she settled on stepping slightly closer to him, her two dogs were on leashes that were strapped to her wrist. If anything, I need this. It's not going to be more than a thirty minute show, than the other students take a turns on stage. I'm really just the act that pulls the people in to watch. Then we can leave and you can win me a prize at one of those carnival games we passed.

Damon looked to Bella, the bruising was gone, and for the first time since they met, she didn't have any fear in her eyes. There was only the shining emotions of happiness and love, the love part he wasn't able to address yet. The outfit she had on, was what was making him want to prevent her from going on stage. She had a tight pair of leather jeans, matched with a tight midriff shirt that exposed her toned stomach, not to mention the large heels she had on just added to the reason he would prefer her not to go onstage.

Bella smiled, "I promise. She looked over at Damon. She looked around quickly and stepped forward giving Damon a quick kiss before she walked over to her band.

Damon followed after the float with the dogs walking at either side of him. He had never seen Bella perform live, but watching her on stage, he could see why it meant so much to her.

He laughed at her corny dance moves, but the smile on her face was something he didn't want to ever forget. He noticed as it seemed that every person on the street followed after her float not bothering to watch any of the other floats pass by. The parade ended in front of the school, and Bella had one last song to perform. Bella took in a deep breath as the float was taken into the back of the school and into the football field.

She watched as the local band got on stage. She said goodbye to her band and hurriedly worked her way through the crowd. She met Damon and jumped into his arms hugging him tightly. It's such a rush to perform. Let's go play some games. I mean it Damon, you're getting me a prize, and no compelling you have to win it.

Damon smiled he shrugged off his coat and draped it over Bella, pulling the hood up to cover her face, knowing if they were going to be out, she couldn't be seen. He put his arm around her shoulder as he handed over one of the leashes to her, he held onto the other. Bella laughed as Damon threw another ball at the three bottles, she jumped as he knocked them down. She picked out the teddy bear with a guitar and tucked it to her side.

She kissed Damon, "Thank you. Damon glared at his brother, he still wasn't pleased that because of his brother he had left Bella alone. Bella kept her face blank as Stefan explained to Damon the situation with the tomb vampires.

She watched as Damon assured his brother he would help him figure things out. You can't be here. Bella shook his head following his line of sight. I doubt they will go out of their way to get me, but I'm not leaving here unless you're in the car with me. Bella kissed Damon, before she stepped back, "I'll be waiting for you. He watched as she began to walk away, the only relaxing thought was that she was with her dogs and they would protect her as much as they could.

Bella got closer to the car, but paused as she felt a burning sensation in her chest. She reached for her heart as the sensation grew stronger. She took in a deep breath as she could feel it growing. She didn't know what alerted her that it was something to do with Damon, but she began to move.

Her dogs running by her side as she ran back into the town. She pushed her way past the people and kept running, no idea where she was going, but she trusted her instincts now more than ever. She stopped in front a door. She took in a deep breath as she saw it was the door to a basement. Her breathing picked up, but the feeling in her chest was telling her Damon was down there. She could push her fear back long enough to save Damon.

She quickly thanked her lucky stars for having the sense to change out of her heels earlier. She kicked the door using all her strength to open it. She let go of her dog's leashes, and headed inside, she distinctly heard her dogs coming in after her.

Her eyes flashed in anger as she saw a man standing above Damon with a stake in hand. She moved quickly and using her right foot kicked the man in the back sending him to the floor. She took his arms wrapping it around her neck. She tried to lift him up, but she didn't have enough strength. Just help me a little. Bella looked over at the girl at their right, Bella didn't question him.

Instead she whistled to her dogs gesturing to the girl. She watched as her dogs bit down on the girl's jacket and began dragging her. Bella struggled with Damon, but she needed to make it up the stairs.

She sighed as they were out of the building. She walked a bit further just across the street before she slumped against the sidewalk taking Damon with her. She praised her dogs as they dragged the body out settling the body next to Bella. The idea of being in a basement began to settle in to Bella and her anxiety began to take affect. Damon was close to suffering the same fate as her father.

She was so close to losing him tonight. Bella's hands went to her chest as she tried to slow her breathing. We're out now. The fact that they had left John in the basement forgotten. Bella shook her head as her breathing began to come out in pants. Realization crept into Damon's mind at her short broken words. He had unintentionally just made her relive the death of her father. He held her tighter watching as her breathing began to even out, he looked over at Anna, he had only wanted to save her for the sake of Jeremy he felt pity for the boy.

It seems like tonight, I was your damsel in distress. They both ignored the thank you from Anna as she left, they only focused on each other. Damon chuckled, "How about you and I head home, we take a shower and try to forget this part of our evening. Bella nodded, she stood with Damon and supported him as he was still somewhat weak. December 15, Vehura Reviews — Liar! Uncover the Truth by December 14, Vehura Reviews — Mini?

Zuraya Hamilton — Neverending Story. Lumin8 — Rivers Flow In You. Starstruck ft. JessKah — Fantasy Land. Lumin8 ft. Sahana — Here With Me. Auscore ft. Influx — Automatic Mix. Himbo — Like A Star. Lumin8 — Tetris. Himbo ft. Lumin8 — Here With Me Mix. S3RL — One 2 Tha 3. S3RL — Loving U.

If a student with the Lovestruck persona discovers a corpse, they will run to tell Senpai, run out of school with him, and call the police , triggering the police timer. If a rival is eliminated peacefully, she will no longer have this persona.

Like the Social Butterflies , they will strike a cute pose if Ayano points her camera at them. Sign In Don't have an account? It costs if you buy some special scenarios and avatars. Night Mode. Font Size. For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! You are using an outdated browser.

May 26,  · Stars In Love. By undesumlinkfifertimmsulsunasnelo.infoinfo Staff. AM. Whether they’re holding hands, hugging, kissing or cuddling, we’ve caught loved up A-list couples in moments of true love .

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  2. Starstruck (3) Feat. Zuraya Hamilton - Love Is (Inverse & Lumin8 Remix) ‎ (File, MP3, ) Australia With Force: AWF Australia: Gemma Macleod - Summer Of Love ‎ (File, MP3, ) Australia With Force: AWF Australia: AWF DJ Blazer Feat. Starstruck (3).
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  5. Loving_Star is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Join Loving_Star on Roblox and explore together!lol.
  6. Sep 08,  · A remixed version of 3OH!3’s song “Starstrukk”, featuring Katy Perry, was released on September 14th, The remixed version can be found on the Deluxe Edition of 3OH!3’s album, Want.
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  8. Starstruck Love is a story based dating simulation by Arithmetic/Okko. There are currently two routes to play, each containing a story focusing on two characters. It all happened so suddenly Because their business failed, your parents amassed a substantial debt. After they died in a car accident, you were alone without a single relative. You had been left with nothing but the burden of debt.

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