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Secret Agent Man - Various - The Golden Hits ;Cash Box; (1965-1970) (Vinyl, LP)

Keka Lopes. Pro Galmat. Yuda Fauzan. More From A MereWitness. A MereWitness. Navin Gundhi. Dhaval Patel. Chris Rowe. Jessica Cox. The scene was mainly an acoustic one, with a strong connection to Piedmont Blues. Other early D. In addition, we hear from several other fine musicians in the D. In addition the D. We spin a wide variety of music from these artists, including studio cuts several from long out-of-print records , live tracks, rare field recordings and recordings from film.

In addition, over the course of these shows, we air my interview with Frank Matheis and Phil Wiggins who were obliging enough to sit down with me for over an hour and chat about the book. Both musicians were born in Washington D.

Cephas, who was 24 years older than Wiggins, grew up in Bowling Green, Virginia. Cephas was born in in the Foggy Bottom area of Washington, D. Until the late s, Cephas supported himself as a carpenter, playing his music and performing in his free time. When Ellis died, they decided to continue as a duo. Their first U. Two more albums followed from Flying Fish. After they left the label, they released one album for the New York—based Chesky Records and four albums for Alligator Records.

They released the album Richmond Blues on Folkways Records in Cephas passed the following year. Archie Edwards was born in , on a farm near Union Hall, Virginia. He started playing in the early s. He and three brothers got their first guitar a couple of years later, with Archie being the one who played the most. He learned songs from his father, neighbors, and? Archie and his brother Robert also learned to play the songs of professional musicians like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Boy Fuller, and especially, Mississippi John Hurt, from the record player.

After leaving the military, Edwards settled in Washington. The shop became a regular hangout for many local down home musicians, including his musical hero, Mississippi John Hurt. John Jackson was born into a musical family in Woodville, Virginia, and learned to play the guitar at an early age.

He moved to Fairfax, Virginia, in his twenties, where he worked as a gravedigger, among other jobs. A local mailman, who was an aspiring musician, heard Jackson playing at home for a group of children and asked Jackson to teach him the tune he was playing. As the lesson began, Perdue stopped for gas and, being a guitar player himself, coaxed a song or two from John; this began what would be a life-long friendship. His first recordings were released in the early s by Arhoolie Records.

He visited Europe several times, played at folk music festivals, and recorded for Rounder Records and Alligator Records. Flora Molton had a father who was a Baptist minister and supported his family by farming. To supplement his income, he began spending his winters mining coal, moving to the company town of New Hall, West Virginia during the winters, where his family eventually joined him. It was here that a man showed her how to tune her guitar in Vastopol.

Molton moved to Washington, D. She attached a plastic pail to her guitar where passersby left money. Phil Wiggins said that he developed his style during the years he spent accompanying Molton. Esther Mae Scott learned how to play the guitar at age eight, and picked up the mandolin, banjo and piano from friends and family. Scott used these skills when she left home at 14 to join a vaudeville group, W.

In , Scott moved to Washington, D. Joining St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church, she became an integral part of its singing programs. She soon expanded her performances to nightclubs, as blues and folk music made a comeback in the late s and early s, as well as festivals and civil-rights demonstrations. Ill-conceived timing with the May student riots in Paris doomed the fate of his Animal on est mal EP and self-titled LP, and both are now as rare as truffles.

Along with Triana this is one of the best known bands of that era. Originally released between and , featuring strong arabic and flamenco influences. Keyboardist and vocalist Christian Simard was also the main composer of this group, who took cues from Yes and Genesis while making three albums of strong symphonic progressive rock.

They also had some hits at the time, most notably the intended-for-disco "Cocktail" which ends up being a concise little instrumental gem. Several of these "symphonic instrumentals with dance beats" end up appearing on the three albums. Most tasty for prog collectors are probably the eleven-minute title track of the first album with some of the best chord progressions in prog outside of Tony Banks.

This highly anticipated remasters also come with bonus tracks. Most tasty for prog collectors is the three-part, minute epic "Procration". These highly anticipated remaster also come with bonus tracks.

The opening track is an instrumental, followed by 6 different versions of original album tracks in a very powerful style, mixed with 4 long acid jamming cover tunes. The great stereo sound will blow your mind. The vinyl version has an exclusive fold out poster and the first copies are coming on coloured vinyl. Great heavy FUZZ leads all over with some backward guitars and other effects.

After almost a decade of activity, which included hundreds of gigs as well as the release of an LP and an EP "Zalion" and "The Reality Trip" respectively, gems still much sought-after among connoisseurs , the band decided to embark on a lengthy hiatus, during which the individual members pursued various other, mainly musical, interests.

No Man's Land's vision lies beyond the hype, beyond the easy-listening pretensions of todays forgettable post-indie mainstream. Their live shows are showcases of energy, excitement and unpredictability, as those who have experienced them will readily testify.

Psychedelic space funk, avant psych - rock, call it what you will - we call it music to dream and groove to. It includes a number of instrumental tracks and rearranged versions of some of the band's early hits.

The style ranges between bluesy hard rock and more experimental conceptual tracks. They were known primarily as a hard rock band, although their early material, featuring two organists, tends to be more experimental than their later commercial output. This was their biggest cult album, a recording of the Mass of the Dead in Latin. This remaster contains about 20 minutes of bonus material that was never released, as it restores the entire mass including some rites performed by the priest, and their original encore as the mass was ending.

Formed in the late 60s, and despite having performed in early festivals like Pinap and BARock, this hard-psycho progressive group could not release an album until Superangel was a very good debut with moody hard music and inspired moments like Nirmanakaya with a nice wah-wah guitar and sax solo by Chachi Ferreyra. Loreley Bar drew the nice cover drawing. A hard psych rock album. Blending rock with some progressive touches, especially the use of mellotron and moogs.

This was a scene in which band- leader, Vernon Pereira, had been a key figure. This was the band that would eventually evolve into being the first incarnation of Judas Priest. Exploration was originally intended for releases in Due to various reasons the album never saw the light of day.

The band were finally on the verge of signing a major deal, when tragedy struck. Whilst returning home from a gig in , the bands van drove into a stationary tanker, taking the lives of three band members. The full story is included in the extensively researched sleevenotes, which include many photo's. Mastered fom the orignal tapes. Fortes Mentum recorded 13 tracks for Morgan Blue town of which 6 were released on three singles for Parlophone.

Featured here alongside one of the tracks, Come Back June that they re-recorded when they changed their line up and became Pussy. The tracks are less obviously prog, and at times are more folky or more rock. However "Mego" Lemay is still in fine form on keys and his playing highlights four or five different tracks. So if you are hoping for something exactly like Pollen, this isnt it. But this is in essence the second Pollen album, it merely reflects the time it was released as the band tries to remain current while still having some fine progressive moments.

A non-album single is included as a bonus track. Peace signs, stoner shades and fantastic dragon slayer gatefold artwork. From mastertapes, nice digipack. Theis Cd reissue has 2 bonus tracks. Weird prog-psyche from Originally released on the Zodiac label, now available on CD. All the music is sung in Danish which gives it an even more psychedelic feel.

The title translates into On Strange Cup Tea. Guf plays all the drums, harpsichord, organ, harmonica, etc. The band cover some classic Danish 60's songs as well as a number of their own compositions. This is for sure one of the most psychedelic albums from todays Danish psych-scene. Now from the original master tapes. After the band drifted apart in , a despondent Jem took up home recording, laying down hours of tape on a Teac 4-track.

Never staying with one style too long, the album flits among spaced-out guitar "Bumble Bee Drive" , tortured, dissonant piano "Ring Out The Bells" , and a sparse, apocalyptic tale "The Bomb Tune" and Jem's eeeeeeerie harmonies woven throughout, and few cues to indicate its mid's vintage. For its first ever appearance on compact disc the mastertapes were tracked down, miraculously still in storage at the original pressing plant, and created a mini-LP sleeve replica of the original album jacket, plus insert booklet with liner notes and newly-transcribed lyrics handwritten by Jem.

It's a pretty good psychedelic album with an astounding, original sound based in fuzz, organ, psychedelic effects and an eerie atmosphere. It's completely sung in English as well. Digitally remastered from the mastertapes. Compared to Osibisa. This set includes both albums and never-released multi-media video footage including lost composition "Esmerelda". Many a drunken bystander has been drawn to the theremin's magic antennae.

Best known for their earlier, bluesier Zodiac-label output "Sitting In The Rain" , guitarist extraordinaire Harvey Mann re-formed the group as a power trio in , recording what would be the final LP under that bandname. Furthering its stellar pedigree is production by Bob Gillett, who as leader of The Brew had given Doug Jerebine aka Jessie Harper some gainful employ early in his brief career.

A rebirth of 11 great German kraut rock classics from the 70's, performed by 1 great new German bands of today. Includes comprehensive booklet and liner notes. Certainly a piece of wax for Dr. Learys students: "Turn on, Tune in, Listen again.! The opener is a 24 min. A 12 page booklet presents each contributing group, all songs are remastered to a high class sound.

This cd is a challenge for all music listeners who search for an innovative sound and intensity, maybe we see a few of these folks on the big stages to start the psychedelic revolution soon! The most rebellious sampler from Mexico was this album that features one track from each important band recorded at the Avandaro Festival in The Mexican Woodstock It's a beautiful homage to all the good things in life way back than..

Reissue of 7th and final album 2nd for CBS. Released in and entirely sung in English, this brilliant album is a blend of progressive rock and heavy prog, with obvious Jethro Tull influence but with something else really of their own, making of it a very special album.

New CD reissue of such a classic of the European progressive rock history, in high quality reissue standards including a booklet with extensive liners and photos, as well as 6 bonus tracks.

The first CD contains the complete tracks of Spirit of Elijah and Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast Wilson McKinley's two most famous and oft-pirated albums in a completely new digital remix, rounded out with three other album tracks making their CD debut. For others that might be enough, but theres also an entire second CD of unreleased material that contains some of their best writing and ranges from straight- ahead rock to country-rock to harmony- rich ballads, recorded between to and only hinted about before, including several live tracks where the vocals had to be remixed to be audible, but the musicianship is outstanding.

In addition, founding members Randy Wilcox and Mike Messer have provided several unreleased tracks each for the second disc. Booklet includes recording credits and unreleased band photos from the era. Great and ultra rare symphonic classic from Venezuela, and surely one of the bestrelease of this country. Nevertheless the heart of this record consists of Fernando's inspired singing and an overall use of all kinds of synthesizers.

A classic, not to be missed. The group certainly had a knack for crafting catchy hooks and whoever handled the lead vocals had a nice and quite commercial voice. In fact with a little bit of editing, several songs would have given bands like Ambrosia, Kansas, Styx and even Yes a run for their FM radio play. Sure, it wasn't the year's most original offering, but give me these guys over Starcastle any day! Loooooong hair, Vox guitars, Farfisa organs, Beatle boots, tight Levis and a ton of snot and attitude - these bands invented the punk ethic 10 years before the word "punk" was even being used.

Nobody has covered the U. Johnny Black gives us the lowdown on Mickie Most, one of the three greatest British record producers of the 60s and the man behind smash hits by the likes of Donovan, The Animals, Herman's Hermits, Lulu and The Yardbirds.

There are introductions to psychedelic soul, hippie literature and twenty questions for singer-songwriter supreme Jackie DeShannon. A thousand more reasons why Shindig!

Ehret, J. ONE ST. A total of more than 2. Essential stuff for any serious Progressive or Krautrock collector. The book comes with a firm hard-cover, fibre binding, and high-quality enamelled paper throughout.

The book is written in English completely. Foreword in English and German. This wonderful book is a MUST own for fans and collectors of progressive music. Due to permanent requests for this now unavailable material it was decided to collect together the best articles in a book that will be called "Shindig!

Annual No. This Annual will be 96pp full-colour hardback book. The Shindig! Annual serves up a tasty treat, with a selection of features brimming with passion.

An absolute must for all lovers of cult rock, pop, garage and psychedelia. Hardback, full colour, pages. Entirely sung in Welsh language like all their discography, all available through Guerssen , this definitely has the more 70s sound of them all.

Has lovely male and female vocals, strong celtic influences adding some great electric lead guitar, as well as fantastic flute and violin work.

A total masterpiece in the folk-psych genre, and stunning original artwork as well!!! Comes with an insert with liners and pictures, plus a coupon for a free mp3 download!!! You know their debut album and you know its a masterpiece Surely not, especially because it was a cassette only release at the time with a very short print.

Luckily enough, the Tree People guys kept the mastertapes of these recordings and were proud to be making this wonderful music available now. After the CD version released last month, heres the vinyl also with splendid sound quality. The music here is equally as good, if not better, than the self-titled debut and a real must for any folk and psych-folk lover.

Acoustic guitars, subtile percussions, wonderful flute work and some warm vocals, but overall a real big dose of quality and originality that makes the Tree People music be absolutely ahead of its time and therefore so much admired today.

A real beauty! Limited edition. Pretty unknown album, and a killer!!! Nothing you would expect from a French record, really.. The original pressing came with plain white cover, and a few copies were later pasted-on with a few very low quality photos. For this reissue, we have used that paste-on collage, and added some more stuff in the back-cover with photos from Serges archive. Fully remastered sound, linernotes and limited to copies.

The Korean Everly Brothers on acid. The Korean Everly Brothers on acid! Most would probably agree that this is one of the very best psych-style LPs from the s. Not retro at all but a piece of the late s preserved from time's rust. The recording has a definite sound but this somehow becomes an advantage.

Moments such as "Beautiful Dreamer" go truly deep and there's not a questionable song on it. A strong melody and inventive arrangement make this reminiscent of the great cerebral femme acid tracks on the Sally Eaton LP. Overall above average and a must to check out for s femme-vox fiends. Patrick Lundborg - The Acid Archives. A miniature replica of his privately released debut album. He also recorded on Tom Wait's album 'Closing Time'. Shep Cooke is an excellent acoustic guitar player and a remarkable songwriter and great singer.

He release 2 solo album, a self tiled album in and in an album caled 'Concert Tour of Mars, both featured on this CD. CD comes with extensive info and photos. Youll hear a little light rock, a little blues, a little pop, and a little jazz. It is a "bread and butter" USA mix of some of the freshest songs weve heard in a long time, particularly "Yahoo! It is truly a song that defies description. It moves, it lifts, it raises your spirit like no other popular song has ever done.

There are 11 other offerings total, and better yet, each one of them has that unmistakable Michael Deacon touch that makes a song like "Yahoo! Enjoy this lovely album at face value. Then look just below the surface - you may be surprised at what you find.

Extensive liner notes. They are one of the most unique bands around today. Dreamlike clarity lies within lo-fi-psych-folk-ambience on Marble Memo, Dust's fifth full-length album to date. There is a transcendental and resistant ethos in these sounds; one that refuses to tailor to our fragmented, A.

While the presentation may be more orthodox, on this new album, the innovation in the music has grown to uncanny proportions.

At the start of the 70s, he led a hippie exodus to Tennessee, where he created 'The Farm,' just about the only successful hippie commune still standing. This is the first album by Gaskin and the Farm Band who fall somewhere between the Grateful Dead and Jethro Tull performing long psycho blues suites with good guitar solos, flute and violin several tracks last more than eight minutes.

They released four albums between and Limited remastered papersleeve edition. Mini poster included. Crafting their sound out of the many influences of the day, Edward Balian and Ray George created pop music with acoustic guitars and harmonies, heavily reverberant piano riffs, cold sheets of synthesizer, bells and chimes. Rare private press druggy psych folk from Minnesota on Orion Records, which has become famous in fields of U. On "Persephone" Billy's weeding through a basement full of glistening papers only a drifter's heart is able to read.

There's flashes of eastern-pattern beads in his acoustic-guitar-strumming, there's a bucket of loner strive being dispersed at your needs. Acid tinged rural folk psych sounds abound on this disc showcasing the great song structure with tunes that stay with you afterward. Has one of the coolest origial cover designs you have seen depicting half man beast gods ruling over all and anatomically correct.

Exact miniature after the original Lp sleeve as released on the legendary Village Thing label in Rare and highly collectable UK folk-rock album. Cd comes with obi and extensive liner notes with history and song lyrics. Prior to forming his own progressive rock band called "Jonesy", John Jones was approached by German label BASF, with the proposal to record a solo album.

This is the very hidden gem that you should own today. Recommended for fans of mellow and dreamy acoustic folk. Tracks 1. Oh, What A Pity 2. That's Alright By Me 3. Hey Girl 4. Man Of 21 5. Working 6. Anthem 7. Fade Away 8. Smiling Eyes 9. Feeling For Today Live In 2 The Prisoner Bonus track There was some extra studio time left over after the completion of the Andwella album "World's End" and his manager wanted him to use it for putting down any new unrecorded songs he had at that time.

According to his manager copies would be pressed and used for promotional purposes only. Stan Moeller has a wonderfully smooth voice , he seems totally comfortable and at ease as he pereforms.

Full but uncluttered he has assembled all the many pieces of this recording superbly. Thin Ties is an oddity in the musical world, but it should have special appeal to acoustic fans who are willing to enjoy folk music from all it's various sources, past and present. Solid music is timeless and that's what Stan Moeller cleverly and honestly assembled here. Comes as miniature exact repo papersleeve after original LP sleeve.

The music, originally conceived as a high school project, is fragile, dreamy folk music with introspective and melancholy lyrics. The magical atmosphere that drapes the music comes from the youthful innocence of the band and their serious devotion to their music. And a beautiful voice of Christina Becker is infectiously unforgettable. The original pressing is silk-screened sleeve. Canadian legend.

The record also includes a new version of "Big City Blues", one of the songs that Clive recorded with the Incredible String Band when he was a former of this legendary group.

Quite a huge number of you already purchased our previous Pererin reissue of their second, "Teithgan" so you all know what to expect from this platter, but for those who didnt, let me say its another brilliant set of traditional songs played in their very own contemporary electrified folk style. Another must-have for anyone into folk-prog, this is the last of the bands vinyl offerings, it was released in and was followed only by their last work that was only released on cassette.

For the first time on CD format, with amazing remastered sound and with our usual outer carton slimcase. Includes paper sleeves replicating the original covers, slipcase with new artwork by Ms. Over two hours of genuinely essential folk psych for all fans of Perhacs et al.

The songs on "Dreams" moved beyond the mostly innocent work on "Sunrise" , but there was still a sense of optimism overcoming any "bruises" brought about by experience. Even with increased group participation, The Seventh Dawn still gave free expression to each individual songwriter, resulting in a wide range of musical styles.

These were the last recordings made in the electronic music labs at Virginia Commonwealth University, so the difference in the sound on "Dreams" resulted from their increased experience with the same basic equipment. The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.

Agent J travels in time to M. PG 95 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Evil is back and has invented a new time machine that allows him to go back to the s and steal Austin Powers' mojo, inadvertently leaving him "shagless". PG min Drama, History, Thriller. PG 94 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Upon learning that his father has been kidnapped, Austin Powers must travel to and defeat the aptly named villain Goldmember, who is working with Dr.

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  4. (bub): (bub) () (bub): Bubinga () Voragine () 10 Cc: Collected (42 Tr. +9 Solo, Duo) 3cd 10 Cc: Live & Let Live (remastered) 10 Cc: Original.
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