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Muppet Show - Various - Biological Warfare (CD)

Gonzo's Act: Gonzo tries to ride a motorcycle up a ramp. Pigs in Space: Dummo Rays. Teeth performs " Mack the Knife ", but Sam doesn't find it wholesome. They play " The Blue Danube ", before Rowlf kicks them offstage. Gonzo's Act: Gonzo tries his motorcycle stunt a second time. Backstage: Liberace decides to perform an entire "concert for birds" in the second half of the show, while Gonzo is determined to get his tap-dancing chickens into the act.

Song: " Never on Sunday ", by Miss Piggy. Canteen: Floyd asks Gladys for a fried egg. Swedish Chef: Coffee. Interrupted by Veterinarian's Hospital.

Muppet News Flash: Remodeling of the Muppet newsroom. Leslie Uggams with Big Bird. Muppet Labs: Fireproof paper. She sings " Here You Come Again ". Bear on Patrol: Pig who does impressions. Vendawish: A man wishes to be taller. Big Bird interrupts. Elke Sommer. Backstage: Beauregard lets Beaker help build a set for the ancient-Egypt closing number. Pigs in Space: First pigs on Koozebane. Pigs in Space: Part two. Muppet Sports: Goldfish shooting. Sylvester Stallone. Backstage: The backstage is invaded by Sylvester Stallone's groupies, who have paid Scooter for backstage passes.

Song: Pigs and penguins perform " Hawaiian War Chant ". Talk Spot: Sylvester discovers a talking punching bag in his dressing room. UK Spot: Floyd, Dr. Teeth, and Zoot perform " Lady Be Good ". Talk Spot: Link chats with Sylvester. Song: Beauregard assists the band with a performance of the " William Tell Overture ". Veterinarian's Hospital: Hawaiian pig. Fozzie's Act: Magician's act with Otto. Roger Miller.

Backstage: There's an outbreak of "cluckitis" in the theatre, a disease which causes the sufferer to sneeze and turn into a chicken. Song: Pilgrim penguins sing " Alabamy Bound ". Guest Act: Roger performs "In the Summertime". Bear on Patrol: Fozzie arrests a violent pig.

Guest Act: "Hat". Talk Spot: Kermit tries to convince Roger that the show is going smoothly. Veterinarian's Hospital: The cast make chicken jokes. Guest Act: Roger Miller sings a medley of his songs. Backstage: In honour of Roy and Dale, the theme of the show is cowboys, and Roy's cows mill around backstage. Song: Prairie dogs sing " Blue Skies ".

Guest Act: Roy sings "Skyball Paint". Muppet Sports: Horseshoe pitching. Bear on Patrol: Bullets Barker. Roy teaches Kermit how to yodel. Guest Act: Roy and Dale sing a medley of songs. Spike Milligan. Backstage: The Muppet Show is broadcast in countries, so Kermit plans an "international extravaganza", featuring people from each of those nations. Song: A Japan-themed number, interrupted by Fozzie singing " Oklahoma! He is forced to play something else "Brazil" on the bagpipes.

Muppet News Flash: Mad English comic. Lynn Redgrave. Song: Scooter plays Alan-a-Dale. Guest Act: Lynn and the gang sing "Hey Down". Muppet Sports: Archery contest. Guest Act: Lynn and the gang reprise "Hey Down". John Denver. Backstage: Kermit tries to convince the cast to go camping in the swamp.

Talk Spot: Gonzo asks John Denver for gardening tips. Song: Miss Piggy sings " Trees ". Song: Other pigs attempt to climb a mountain while singing " The Happy Wanderer ". Guest Act: "Grandma's Feather Bed". Linda Lavin. Backstage: Miss Piggy creates chaos among the cast as she co-opts the show as a surprise This is Your Life -style birthday tribute to Kermit. Veterinarian's Hospital: Robin ends up on the table.

Act: A visiting Wayne and Wanda remind Kermit why he fired them. Shields and Yarnell. Backstage: The mime guests alternately confuse and inspire the cast, especially Fozzie. Song: Bouncing birds-on-a-wire sing " Take a Chance on Me ". Guest Act: Robot couple the Clinkers eats breakfast. Guest Act: Beauregard tends bar for the mimes in a Wild West saloon.

Fozzie's Act: The audience is underwhelmed by Fozzie's new mime act. Crystal Gayle. Backstage: Scooter's Prairie Dog Glee Club run amok backstage, stealing anything that isn't nailed down. Song: Various animals perform a German-flavored " Swanee ". Guest Act: " River Road ". Pigs in Space: Dearth Nadir Gonzo pays a visit, accompanied by his chicken stormtroopers.

Song: " Sixty Seconds Got Together " by a fishy barbershop quartet. Muppet Labs: Banana sharpener. Kenny Rogers. Backstage: Scooter's uncle sells the mineral rights for Kenny's dressing room to Arabs.

Also, Kermit tries to take a more "active" role in the show, with disastrous consequences. Song: Kermit sings " Coconut " from a hospital bed, joined by a doctor and two nurses. Talk Spot: Kenny tries to relax, while his dressing room turns into an oil-drilling site. Muppet News Flash: Factory recall of defective hospital beds including Kermit's. Guest Act: " The Gambler ".

Veterinarian's Hospital: Kermit ends up on the operating table and under a heavy light fixture. Muppet New Flash: Factory recall of defective hospital lights. Dudley Moore. Backstage: Dudley Moore's musical robot "M. Song: A group of bugs sings " She Loves You ". At the Dance: Everybody tries some disco, and Fozzie tries to tell some jokes. UK Spot: Kermit and Piggy are in her dressing room, with some musical confusion.

Gonzo's Act: Reciting poetry by Percy Shelley while defusing a bomb, interrupted by the robot. Guest Act: " How High the Moon ". Arlo Guthrie. Backstage: The casts prepares for a quiet "family" evening, and the Swedish Chef attempts to cook a "home meal". Guest Act: "Grocery Blues". Muppet News Flash: Livestock gestation periods and bumper crops. Song: Cows sing " Elegance ". Swedish Chef: A turkey refuses to be skewered.

At the Dance: Violence breaks out at the country square dance. Swedish Chef: No roast piggy or "bif". Swedish Chef: The chef decides to make "veggie-weggie" stew. Act: Vitamin pills for dinner. Victor Borge. Song: Gonzo's reflection joins him in a duet of " Act Naturally ". Beverly Sills. Backstage: The cast looks forward to Beverly's classy contributions to their show, especially Miss Piggy. Act: At Kermit's unwitting invitation, Statler and Waldorf give the audience a taste of old-style vaudeville with a burlesque performance of "Take Ten Terrific Girls" and a smattering of jokes.

Guest Act: Due to a misunderstanding, Beverly attempts to sing " When the Bloom is on the Sage " in an operatic style. At first she is upset, but then welcomes the change of pace, finishing with a little tap dance. Muppet News Flash: The cows come home. Muppet University: Sam the Eagle attempts to explore the microscopic world of protozoa. Liza Minnelli. Backstage: Kermit plays a hard-boiled private eye who gets embroiled in a murder mystery on a movie set.

As expected, Fozzie provides worse than no help at all as a Patrolbear. Song: After the movie director is murdered, Gonzo rallies the shocked cast to sing " Great Day ".

Guest Act: After he is cold-cocked by an unknown assailant, Kermit despairs of solving the case. Liza attempts to reassure him with a song that turns into a duet: " A Quiet Thing ".

At the end, a body falls from the wardrobe. Guest Act: Liza hams up a fake death scene to reveal the real killer s. Afterwards, she performs " Everything's Coming Up Roses " with the cast. Lola Falana. Backstage: Gonzo is quitting the show for a film career in Bombay.

With Scooter's help, Kermit finds a replacement act. Gonzo joins them. Song: Gonzo cries while singing " My Way ". Kermit comforts him. Muppet Sports: Tree-staring contest. Guest Act: Gonzo finds out he has lost his promised job in Bombay.

Lola comforts him by singing " Smile ". Gonzo's Act: Gonzo tries to tap dance in oatmeal while singing " Top Hat ". Phyllis George. Backstage: Phyllis hosts the first annual Muppet Awards the "Freds" , and the competition brings out the best and worst in some of the cast.

Pigs in Space: Aware of their nomination for the "Best Sketch" category, the Swinetrek Crew ham things up more than usual. Everyone dreads their acceptance. Phyllis announces the winner: herself. Dyan Cannon. Backstage: Miss Piggy's dog Foo-Foo disappears after everyone ' passes the bark ' on dog-sitting him.

She becomes increasingly frantic and wrathful in her search for him. Song: Geri and the Atrics perform " Hound Dog ". Guest Act: Dyan performs " Civilization " with Quongo the Gorilla and other jungle denizens — and a few penguins. Veterinarian's Hospital: An elderly lady one of the Atrics. Swedish Chef: Hottie-doggies. Guest Act: Dyan performs a canine version of " Big Spender " in a pet shop. Christopher Reeve. Backstage: Miss Piggy is enamoured with this week's Superman guest star, and Kermit becomes a little jealous.

Song: Kermit sings "Disco Frog". Things don't go well, so he ends up singing " Brush Up Your Shakespeare " with some help from the cast. Muppet News Flash: Killer lamb on the lam. Veterinarian's Hospital: Christopher Reeves scrubs in. Song: Fozzie and a matador try to play " The Toreador Song ", but are chased offstage. Muppet Labs: A heated milking machine. Lynda Carter. Somehow, they manage to survive. Song: Janice is about to be sacrificed by stone idol worshippers. Muppet News Flash: The curse of the Egyptian crocodile god.

Act: Miss Piggy saves the day as Wonder Pig. Act: A big, bad wolf threatens a flock of sheep singing " The Whiffenpoof Song ". They are rescued by a Super Sheep. Luke's "cousin" Mark Hamill tries to join in on the act. Muppet News Flash: Hard Venus landing. Dizzy Gillespie. Backstage: Statler calls in sick of the show , and Waldorf's wife Astoria takes his place. Also, the show is audited for noise levels after complaints about Floyd and Zoot's back alley jam sessions. Song: A fishy rendition of "Blue Fish Blues".

Guest Act: Dizzy performs " St. Louis Blues " with the Electric Mayhem. Veterinarian's Hospital: A porcine patient declares his love for Nurse Piggy. Fozzie's Act: Waldorf's wife finishes Fozzie's jokes. Anne Murray. Backstage: Scooter ignores the theater's ban on skateboards, resulting in chaos on and off stage. Guest Act: Anne sings " Snowbird ", interrupted by a Dodo's bad puns.

Guest Act: An absent-minded Zoot comes to Anne's dressing room in search of his saxophone, and he and the Electric Mayhem join her in a performance of " Walk Right Back ". Act: Beauregard experiences a ghostly visitation as he performs " Dancing on the Ceiling ".

Jonathan Winters. Backstage: The show may be under a Gypsy curse. Guest Act: Fozzie helps Jonathan with props and impressions. Talk Spot: Jonathan talks to a shark.

Bear on Patrol: A pickpocket octopus. Muppet Labs: A luggage compressor. Talk Spot: Jonathan talks to an alien. Act: After everyone except the Newsman starts to speak mock-Swedish, trolls dance to " Country Gardens ". Andy Williams. Also, the show gets even "cheesier" than usual. Song: Fozzie sings " Green Door ". Muppet News Flash: Roving bands of cheese. Veterinarian's Hospital: A "punny" bunny. Muppet Labs: Unwanted pet converter.

Doug Henning. Posted over a month ago. Sponsored Advertisements. Take steps to make your Kijiji transactions as secure as possible by following our suggested safety tips. It would appear that this was the case in other regions, as LWT also aired 30 episodes. The third season debuted on Friday, November 17, , beginning with the Raquel Welch episode, and consisted of the remaining 18 episodes recorded as part of the third recording block, concluding on Friday, March 9, , with the Lynn Redgrave episode.

The season only ran for 17 weeks as the Danny Kaye episode was broadcast on Christmas Day , three days after the broadcast of the Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge episode. In August , Union members of the Independent Networks went on strike over a pay rise dispute and for 10 straight weeks, there was a complete blackout in all the regions. The dispute was resolved in late October but unfortunately, no television listings for the regional networks were printed until the following week.

This has caused some confusion with regards to the airdates for the fourth season, and most guides only list 23 episodes having aired as opposed to the 24 recorded. Programming on ATV resumed on Monday, October 29, ; the fourth series of the Muppet Show began that night as the first programming after the news, starting with the Dudley Moore episode the only one that is not mentioned in some guides. The series only ran for 23 weeks as the remaining episodes aired in their usual Friday night slot, beginning with the Crystal Gayle episode on November 2, , and concluding with the Diana Ross episode on April 4, The fifth season debuted on Sunday, October 5, , beginning with the Roger Moore episode and concluding on Sunday, March 15, , with the Shirley Bassey episode.

Reruns of The Muppet Show aired in syndication for many years, eventually moving to the TNT cable station from to From to , reruns began airing on the Nickelodeon cable station instead. In , the reruns moved to the partly Henson-owned Odyssey Channel. When Odyssey became Hallmark Channel , the Henson shows were taken off the schedule. Disney Channel UK picked up the original series from until In the '80s and '90s, compilation videos featuring the most memorable sketches and songs from The Muppet Show were released by Playhouse Video.

These compilations featured many sketches, including UK Spots , with new wraparounds of the Muppet characters. In , Time-Life began offering several of the most famous and popular episodes of The Muppet Show in their complete form on video allowing American viewers to see an extra two minutes of footage that previously had only been available to UK audiences. The 24 first season episodes were mostly complete, except in a few instances where music rights proved prohibitive, resulting in musical numbers being deleted from the show.

That same year, The Muppets Studio general manager Lylle Breier stated on a podcast [6] that Disney was in the process of acquiring legal clearances for music on the remaining seasons. Seven years later, Martin G. Baker was quoted [7] as citing insufficient audio elements for seasons 4 and 5 as the reason any further home video releases of The Muppet Show were being held up despite a number of episodes from those seasons being previously released on DVD.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Season 1. Season 2. The Official Charts Company. Archived from the original on 9 February Retrieved 24 June British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved I sure hope so. Shepard of Suburbia Posted 10 years 5 months ago.

Jim Henson is a pure mastermind! Nobody knew how to entertain like he did! The only bad muppet movies were all the ones made from "Muppets From Space" onward! I'm not sure where this stands now, but months ago I had heard that Jason Segel of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" fame was working on a script for a new Muppet movie.

He claimed that it was going back to the roots of the Muppets trying to do a show can't remember if it was Broadway or not and leaving out all the high-concept plots a la "Treasure Island" and "From Space". I sincerely hope it's still in the works.

I've always been a Muppet fan, and it has been a bit sad to see the decline of Muppet quality over the years. Although, in my opinion, "Muppets From Space" is a pretty entertaining movie and stands as one of my favorites. It takes a few viewings to really grow on you, but it's good clean fun.

Thanks for this article! I know, I've seen it. I just forgot about it. It didn't come to mind right away, but I've seen the skits before. Great article. Also loved the accompanying pictures. One small gripe. I'm surprised you made no mention of their appearances on Saturday Night Live during the show's first season.

Of course, entirely new characters were created for this. The segment was entitled "The Land of Gorch".

It became a running gag throughout the episodes as people wrote NBC complaining about the segment, so they ultimately get fired. The few episodes which followed showing the characters hiding in file cabinets and such in desperate attempts to get their jobs back. I consider this to be important Muppet history because these sketches preceded 'The Muppet Show' as Henson's first foray into adult-oriented comedy, as they included various topics such as substance abuse, infidelity and mildly crude humor.

Hoju Koolander Posted 10 years 5 months ago. Nice article. My favorite Muppets were those little worker guys on Fraggle Rock, so teeny!

Muppets Wizard of OZ was terrible I think the last good Muppets production is the 3-D movie at the Disney theme parks, it's pretty funny. Go away! Go Away! I didn't realize Jim Henson's death caused a long turnover for the Muppets.

“The Muppets” returns to primetime with a contemporary, documentary-style show. For the first time ever, a series will explore the Muppets’ personal lives and relationships, both at home and Missing: Biological Warfare.

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  1. Jul 01,  · This album (like the first one) features music recorded for The Muppet Show, with tracks and dialog recorded specifically for this album. Featuring 'Just One Person' by Bernadette Peters Missing: Biological Warfare.
  2. The Muppet Show is the first soundtrack album released from the TV show of the same name. It reached number one in the UK Albums Chart in the week ending 25 June In , The album won The Grammy Award for Best Album for Children. 1 OverviewMissing: Biological Warfare.
  3. A list of appearances by Statler and Waldorf. TV Shows The Muppet Show () Including the UK Spots and The Muppet Show Promos. See Muppet Show episodes that didn't feature main characters., Including the UK Spots and The Muppet Show Promos., See Muppet Show episodes that didn't feature main characters., The Jim Henson Hour Episode First Show, May 14, Episode Missing: Biological Warfare.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the MP3 CD release of Drum'N'Bass Volume [] MP3 Collection on Discogs.
  5. Muppet LPs, 45s, cassettes, 8-tracks, and undesumlinkfifertimmsulsunasnelo.infoinfog: Biological Warfare.
  6. – The Muppets: The Muppet Show Theme: 8 – Mahna Mahna, The Two Snowths: Mahna Mahna: 9 – Kermit* (It's Not Easy) Bein' Green: 10 – Kermit* Rainbow Connection: 11 – Marvin Suggs & His Muppaphone: Lady of Spain: 12 – Kermit*, Robin* Halfway Down the Stairs: 13 – Miss Piggy: What Now My Love? 14 – Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem: Tenderly: 15 – Kermit*, The Frog ChorusMissing: Biological Warfare.
  7. Television& Movies Buddy is released, June 6, Muppets Tonight Season 2 begins on Disney Channel, September 13, Bear in the Big Blue House Season 1 begins on Disney Channel, October 20, Sesame Street Season 29 begins on PBS, November 17, The Animal Show Season 3 airs on Animal Planet (final season), Big Bag Season 2 airs on Cartoon Network (final season) International Television Sacatruc Missing: Biological Warfare.
  8. Outbreak is sort of a "Moving Shadow-ling", because 1. Outbreak had exceptional output, as Moving Shadow did. 2. I think one could point out that everyone loved this label (think about Possession, for example) as well.

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