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Magic Boobs (Tony Thomas Remix) - Isaac S - Magic Boobs (File, MP3)

A pure party record, if you missed it first time around, grab it with both hands now. Highly recommended. Produced by The Neptunes and featuring Pharrell Williams on the chorus, this tune sees the Virginia producers shift their sound away from their trademark edgy synths to a fuller, more musical and live sound. With an almost Latin feel and a killer chorus, this is indispensable.

Another safe purchase, or, if you slept on the album, do yourself a favour and get a copy of that. This single features the usual Philly brigade with James Poysner producing and The Roots providing the instrumentation. Not earth-shattering, but pleasant nonetheless. This latest single now sees a switch of label to J Records and features Next member RL on one side and the group as a whole on the other.

Overall, a nice twelve. Featuring Sean Paul, the record does what it says on the label and fans of the original will find this also gives them a dancefloor-friendly option. This time out. Not a real grabber but a good record nonetheless. Who ever thought Rawkus would have ended up going in this direction? The beats have a vintage drum machine feel and Jadakiss provides a reliably slick guest rap.

Again, not a particularly outstanding track, but a nice little something for a compilation tape. For the single version. Foxy Brown is on hand to pep things up further. Very good. This symphonic first single is an indicator of the general feel of the forthcoming album, which is set to be one of the LPs of the year. You knew it would be great. Thus unknown : singers are featured here i alongside established artists such i as Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.

The latest beneficiary is Ashanti, but think of her as a backing singer that got lucky at your peril. There was definitely a benefit to rolling with these guys, because it familiarised me with the music game. Send someone to fetch a child of five. The little fellahs really gone and done It now. Edan Is from somewhere else and lives In Boston. He makes hip hop that sounds a little like it comes from the classic era ? He's funny, clever and punk in his approach. He likes stupid reverb on voices and drums.

He also rhymes like a motherfucker - a loose, free flow that brings to mind Gift Of Gab Just a little, but with a harder edge. Like the man. Over some kind of ragged free jazz big band stabs, Parker and up-and- comer Ricochet Klashnekoff rip it - a real angry anthem. The man is a giant, though. Edan delivers an amiable instrumental and Kid Acne and Req do their familiarly fucked thing, while Peaches makes Princess Superstar sound like a reasonably adequate rapper.

A really nice idea, though, with good range to it and much potential. The Weathermen is his all-star crew and he also provides the beat for Mr Lif and Murs to rock on the flip.

Breakdancing Championships in Arthur Scargill won. He is also the supreme lyricist of non-specific, non-urban wanna-b-boy fart jokes. He then apparently takes the mic himself on the eco-tract 'A Better Tomorrow?

A fine taster for his third album. I got a great idea. Lets, like, take one of these scratch DJ type : crews, yeah? Like the, erm. Cos i that, like, bores people. So we 'll. Why not? For a moment. This is a bit of a splurge, a huge collection ; of tracks rather than an album. Beasts are conjured and, at some point, released Into the woods.

This conjuring will continue for some time until the fiery ball weighs heavy in the sky. With a pinch of snuff and a firm hand shake, I climb aboard the belly of the great steel worm as It winds its way through the counties, again without paying.

Hobnob crumbs on the quilt lend a surly note to my riposte. This lady is the latest in a line of voices from the Mothership, and what a voice she's got. This lady will get inside your head. In fact, given big enough speakers, she could shatter the sound barrier - oh yes, this Is audio danger beyond belief. In other words, you need this big time! This is nothing short of stunning, so acquire it immediately - please. His ability to turn a simple song into a monumental, soulful anthem is legendary.

Here, he comes on strong once more and produces vinyl ecstasy for us all to savour and smile about A classic in the making, oh yes! Look out world, the lords of the dance have arrived!

At last we have their debut album, and what a choice cut is is too - not a naff track in sight, real instruments with an incredible live feel and a female vocal that definitely hits the spot.

Absolutely marvellous. The haunting tone of Pablo's sublimely simple melodica playing remains breathtakingly beautiful, echoing down the years in a blur of Far Eastern scales and naively endearing melodies. Rasta spectres and floating brass lines elevate the cyclic loops to a heady state. Two both Greensleeves i Two rhythm collections, one striking gold, the other flogging a dead I horse. Of the vocalists. Jagwa and Bling Dawg save the day for this workmanlike dancehall monster.

The fire and brimstone preacher chats up a storm, particularly on the awesome ragga rants. With primordially powerful Nyahbingi drumming programmed next to the irresistible bashment swagger, this massive album is intimidating in the best and worst senses.

All the elements - a great song, a lush arrangement and a gorgeous vocal performance - add up to create a truly majestic musical moment The package Includes a very good minimal cut up house So this album comes highly recommended. Like this, for instance. DJ Pathaan puts together a selection of Asian-flavoured grooves from MUM Boychild Klein There are two good remixes here that will both work on the downiempo dancefloor.

Definitely ones to watch. A tune that is going to sound great on the beach. Quite commercial, but rather jolly nonetheless. Simply good quality, contemporary, chilled music. As well as running top made-up nightspot Schiiiim, they've recently started not doing 'synthcore' remixes.

Duncan's fave film is Dude, Where's My Car? Bring It on! Employing beats that work when they really shouldn't, and doing things with vocals that most house producers couldn't imagine, let alone pull off, he comes over like Matthew Herbert meeting Prince in Gllles Peterson's Jazz Elevator. Luckily the closest this comp which ties in with the LA version of the ATP festival comes to the Camden 'n' cardigans set is a track by Stephen Malkmus, formerly of Pavement, and he's American, so that's okay.

Elsewhere there's fine post-rock miserablism from Unwound and Papa M. Rather good, actually. There are some good tracks here - Dave Ball and Ingo Vauk rattle along in fine Krautrock fashion: Funkstorung do their cut-up hip hop thing, and Matthias Schaffha user's Modernist-style tech- house is more than satisfactory. But if you really want to hear Faust, go and buy a Faust record. A minor triumph.

Good, though. Like Sigue Sigue Sputnik meeting Suicide with just a set of steak knives for company. Underground producers like Odd Nosdam, Mayonnaise and Jel back the sage Sage with samples over-amped till they crack, melancholy pianos and metal guitars. Lack of space is a bitch, right? But Fat Jon is even better.

People said 'why did you put that? If it was a guy In Trafalgar Square In a bag, you know - they laugh! But If a woman does it, they say ihere must be something wrong with the girl! Euro Mail Order 62, Belgrave Gate. Tel: Fax: DJ Merchandise and accessories.

Breakbeat, Dub, Jazz, Funk, Garage. Manchester website: spfn4nn. Already riding high in the club charts, the track is available on CD and 1 2" featuring a previously unreleased Tiga remix and bonus track.

Sweet Sedation, on the CD. All titles are subject to availability at parbcipating stores. Available on 2x12" and CD including the monster Tillmann Uhrmacher remix alongside the original and dub mixes. It's one of the records of the year, and Tong and Tenaglla are already all over it like latex body paint.

And Romanthony - Indulging his Prince fixation with his new Nightvislon outfit - pushes filth to a whole new level on his latest single. X-Press 2 are on the mix.

Another must-buy package. Let them shov. Already massive with the house and techno contingents. Another essential purchase. The B-side is worth a little stylus action too. On the flip. A douplepack to die for! Right on, right on! As soon as the crowd hear this record they go mad! I got this in Satellite in New York. I played it in Philly and the crowd went mental. Whether they get any punani or not is another matter!

This crosses progressive house with techno but they've added a beautiful string arrangement at the end of the track. He's pushing the envelope of house. Fair play for that! The A-side is amazing, the original is great! No other publication comes close! Really trendy and very quirky. An amazing song.

We only had ten copies and they sold out in ten minutes. And keep your eyes out for people like Satoshi - this is tough, dark-edged house rather than deep and boring prog. Music you can dance to! The roots of modern dance start right here. Made back in , for those of you with a curiosity for dates. An album of essential original breakbeat material from This LP is a must! In light of their recent split, the price is sure to escalate further.

Limited to 4, copies only, the remainder were sold on the Warp web site and were gone a few hours later. Both turn In lush tech-house jobs sure to cause Detroitophiles to come like Niagara Falls. We used to do stuff for Warner Brothers and I managed to get hold of this when it first came out. Prince was popular then. The one big criticism levelled at dance music when house kicked off was that the lyrics were all shit, whereas the one thing that Prince lyrics weren't was shit - they were always wicked.

The opposite of a party tune, essentially. His finest moment. This resulted in the 'French Connection' mini LP. The artists Laurent Gamier has remixed over the years have usually been from the techno fraternity: Sven Valh, Moby and The Reese Project, for example. Also available as a single CD, with all the tracks mixed by Laurent's own fair hand. Imagine no longer. You may have checked out the on-line operations of HMV www.

Amazon www. Far, far better are the likes of Juno www. Tunes www. Personal Details: 23 years old, from Berkshire. Or maybe not. Favourite DJs? Muzik cannot return any BB tapes. If you hear nothing, keep trying - we try to listen to everything! Stacking 15 Kit-Kats together and sticking a progressive mix on the top of the stack might not make Jamie an Instant BB winner, but it got our attention and we did enjoy his brooding mix of Way Out West, Timo Maas and Tilt.

But surely It should have been a breaks mix? KIt-Kat - take a break? The event will run for 10 days at a 30,capacity venue on The River Danube, in the former Yugoslavia, in July. Gavin Longworth, musical director of the renowned club Giant, reckons Steve is the perfect Bedroom Bedlam DJ to handle the west coast leg of the tour.

Paula will be releasing her material on Existence Records next month. Test pressings are circulating as we speak. Funky mix of house, breaks, hip hop, urban and whatever you fancy, with host Steve Gerrard. Fantastic breaks and beats session with Will Saul, co-founder Roundeye and special guests. Thursday nights will never be the same again in Covent Garden, now that this gem of a night has taken off.

So my production partner Lee M intram and I have just completed it - result! The Groovetech show is always a laugh, since I get to play whatever I want for three hours. It gives you a real chance to experiment, so check it out at www. My first gig after my hols was at The Redbox in Dublin, a brilliant venue. Also playing that particular night was a certain John Digweed - who rocked the place for three and a half hours - and resident Robbie Butler.

The next day I spun at Cream in Liverpool alongside Breeder and Steve Lawler in the main room - two top crowds in a row! Next, Just when I thought I was being spoilt, 1 played at the independent night Silicone at Soda in Derby, which was less than busy.

And there are places like Fluid and the new Nuphonic bar in Hoxton that mix it up more. I still have the icicles hanging from my nose. I went snowboarding though, which was ace. This is where one butt cheek lands on one part of the mountain and the other ends up somewhere completely different. But enough about my holiday. When I got back, my month continued with a bit of a Norwegian theme. Extras: Loads. Dual FX.

Digital inputs and outputs for recording straight to PC. User-assignable foot switches. Verdict: Truly a pro machine, equally at home playing out or In the studio.

Worth every penny. Build: Reassuringly chunky. Extras: Top quality effects, including an excellent pitch control, and an Auto BPM function that actually works. Verdict: Slightly more serious than the Numark, and worth the extra dosh. Build: Solid enough, but some crackle.

Verdict: A decent budget package. Is this posh mixer worth It? But the rickety channel faders are a let-down. Extras: A whopping 12 stereo inputs, including four phonos. Sends and returns on every channel help make up for the lack of onboard effects. Verdict: A refined mixer, strictly for the upper class DJ with bags of cash.

Build: The ugly plastic looks fall to impress. Perhaps surprisingly, the crossfader was one of the nicest on test. Extras: Plenty. The awesomely savage onboard FX can warp tunes beyond recognition. And the Isolator is wicked for slow sweeps and kills. Verdict: Still the most fun mixer ever. Loads of toys for the boys. Single Top Top 40 Singles. Official Charts Company. Singles Top B Chart History Pop Songs ". B Chart History Rhythmic ". Australian Recording Industry Association.

Retrieved January 8, Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved August 28, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved April 14, B — Magic". Music Canada. Recorded Music NZ. M agic has been a passion of mine for many years. When I was young and saw a stage magician perform at a local theater I just had to meet him. This introduction sparked an interest that simmered for years, waiting on the back burner.

While the more important things in life took root i. As ever, it was fantastic getting involved with the Slam boys. Imagine Creamfields indoors around 50, people in an immense arena.

Junior Sanchez and Smokin' Jo played alongside me in the house section, while X-Press 2 did their thing on six decks in the main room. I'd been deliberating for weeks over what to drop at midnight, and eventually went with something suggested by my old mate John Cross. The entrants had to explain why they thought they should win, and there were loads of inventive responses, a few lame ones, and one or two distinctly odd ones like the guy from Belfast who sprayed the envelope with cheap aftershave to show how hard up he was!

After much deliberation I settled on a deserving winner to be anounced next issue. One more thing. I'd just like to say I know nothing about this whatsoever, but would appreciate it if anyone could shed any light on the matter.

Big With Yousef! This month I committed to getting trim. I've been putting in the hours down at the gym trying to shed a few pounds for the long year ahead. It bores me to death, but maybe one of these days I'll meet a nice young lady! Love it! Jackin', slow, yet powerful. A stfong, spooked vocal hook that's leally caichy. Watch this flyl 6. As stiong as tracks gel - think 'Jumping' by Todd Teiiy and you get the picture, 7.

Whiplash Ghetto Tears Loaded "Tear the club up, tear the fuckin' club up". The shit. Then kicks off, True house music. You had that all night. An early victory for the funk-hop genre! We admit it. But we here and now offer him unmitigated respeck, due to his last trip to Golden, where he racked up the most risible DJ drinks' bill in the club's history.

This is the man behind some of the finest old school soul vocals in existence! The silly sausage - he totally rocked it. The normally Ghandi- like Judge eventually snapped, and administered a sound slapping to the dancefloor satirist.

It was Run DMC. The venue had to stay open late to accommodate their four-hour set. Much soulful electric boogalooing ensued. In fact he got in such a pickle at one gig that his roadie had to come on and help him out.

Perhaps he should spend less time dancing for high street beige clothing empires and more time acquiring DJ skills. Sniffer Dogs Hereforourown protection: well. He was initially discovered blind drunk at the airport, face down on the floor, like "a big plank". When he eventually played, he blew up the sound system. He was later found on the floor again, this time covered in sick, with a Polish bird sticking one of her tits in his mouth. Classy, huh?

Then some bright spark noticed that the lamely warbling blandstress had actually been nominated before in the same category last year, no less. So they had to un-nominate her. What a bunch of Joeys. We like It a lot. Actually, we don 't mind that much. And we have. Can you contain your mirth? Yoko Ono You might not expect to find the near legendary avant- garde artist, control freak and ex-Mrs Lennon mashing it up on the ones and twos.

But now you can. Justice must be done! Is it true that you go like a train? Is there any sexual connotation? There is. Call my wife and ask her! I do it all the time. I mean, a lot of it is but we have our country parts too. There are times when I go three or four times a week.

It all depends on my schedule. Is it my balance? Get a little boat, take it out, do some fishing for a few hours, come home and make beats. I was expecting something to happen. America needed a wake-up call and unfortunately it had to be like that. I'm a little more aware of things, probably because I travel. Everyone's on this dark tribal thing man. So this mix really is a reflection of how I play. It's like seeing with your ears or hearing with your eyes.

Did that make sense? I shoot animals. Where do I shoot them? Just listen to the way records sounded back then.

Anybody can do it, you don't need special equipment, you just need feet and a ball. The rest she's. Because I understand. And I agree with her. I expose myself enough with music so I like to keep that side private. My wife can read music: she plays the clarinet. I could tell you the basics of programming drums. How did we meet? We grew up around the same area and had a vision. We were on the same page at the same time. I own plenty of guns. I go shooting in the woods by my house or in the mountains.

Another one of my hobbies, man. I think that would be really hard to do. You've got traffic jams all the time so we travel by plane. No, so we had to improvise. Chilly's reply? And much to their amazement, the Kitty-Yo pair started improvising in the middle of the bar. And then left.

But in Scots soulstress Angela McCluskey, Telepopmusik have found a perfect and more permanent vocal foil. Her melancholy, ethereal vocals grace the Telepoppi started looking for vocalists tWee years later, they remembered the Scots-born, LA-based soulstress. The man clearly loves I pop; he loves it In a completely I unironic, Gallic way.

I began to understand that the things they sang that sounded superficial weren't in fact superficial at all. This is what pop music can do. Not that this would be a particularly advisable notion to suggest to Bertrand. But I feel that would be a misunderstanding, because my approach Is less upfront than that.

I prefer things not to be expressed directly. While It may seem like jolly Gallic frolics on the first listen. It soon becomes apparent there is much more to the Burgalat palate than mere cool choons.

The Burgalat solo sound Is Itself only the tip of the Iceberg. One of music's best-kept secrets, the year-old has spent years quietly beavering away in the studio for the likes of Einsturzende Neubauten, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode, while also setting up his own label, Tricatel, and continuing to forge a very personal idea of how music should sound.

The Sssound Of Mmmusic? Clue: It has a French accent. February isih. I wanted to take what we do and make it much smaller. We hang out here in Nashville, where we're kind of insulated from stuff.

And chill out? But this album 1 think is ultra chill; Mega-chill. No wonder he's laughing. Try asking him, "What's the accordion-playing busker beskte the avant garde taxi in a desert iWfmt of giant mushroom- strewn hills doing on the front of your album? Chris McCormack is officially the least entertaining to have a clue".

Don't worry though, his communicate with top techno-based album is a mix and mash of dubby- songs, low-slung, trumpet-stained throb, tech-house bumpers and tasty soundscaping.

And he lives in Derby. And Bobby Peru is one wild man. They blew my mind. Not that you want to get too close. But James Harrigan, self- confessed technophobe, Sub Club helmsman and one third of the Papa Washington Trio seems to have pulled it off - despite a level of musical Involvement that makes Darren Emerson in the early days of Underworld look like Prince.

By accident. Marvin Gaye and Yellow Magic Orchestra, plus snippets of original block party tapes and exclusive interview footage with the man himself rawHIirlf Crossover Qectro with personality? Desmond and Verona are not their real names.

Jump Leads is filled with renegade beats, avant-garde soul, jazz licks. Favourite labels: Guidance, Cajual, Wave and Paper.

Favourite clubs? Winning tracklisting: Intro. He will reside over Arch 3, co-hosting with original resident, Jo Shanks and will be responsible for taking the arch Into new territory during Steve Gerrard looks set to enter the world of production full time under his Filta guise. The first release will be out in May. Stay tuned for further Hague highlights! Murray Richardson's new release comes out next month on London's ultra cool tech-house label.

The track will be entitled factory and produced by Kitsch Krew. Alison Marks is in the studio with Duty Free Records. December started on a high with a phone call from Radio 1 saying that I had to get my butt down to the Essential Selection studio as Sasha had chosen my Depeche Mode remix as his essential record for the weekend.

Awesome, I thought, with only one minor proviso: it was 5pm and I was still in Southampton, giving me two hours to get to Radio 1. Unfortunately we broke down in Basingstoke, I ended up crying like a big girl and we arrived an hour and a half late. I stumbled into the studio completely flustered and Mr Tong looked at me in great amusement and, probably out of pity, cut the Buzz Chart short to play my track.

Now when I make breakfast in the morning my girlfriend Grete insists on having what she calls ' Sasha toast'. Ha ha! During the festive period I dropped by to see Lee Burridge, who was busy compiling the second Tyrant compilation. On December 29th I was playing for Cream in Dublin. I knew very little about the gig other than that it was at some place called the Point. So when I turned up you can imagine my surprise to see 7, people going bananas - now that was nerve-wracking!

Unfortunately it didn't quite go according to plan. Air France lost my records before I'd even got there so I played for three hours in Athens with a bag of records that I managed to take on as hand luggage - 1 played every record, including B-sides!

Finally, to top off what was probably the most exciting month of the year, I got another call from the Radio 1 team. Sasha toast anyone? Rrst Saturday of the month. Arch 2 will, of course, be manned by the great Lee Ford and Paul Richards, while Arch 3 heads off in a new direction this year.

Fantastic breaks and beats session with Will Saul, guests and co-founder Roundeye. Include a full tracklisting with artist, track title and label. Muzik cannot return any BB tapes. Steer clear of spinning too many obvious anthems, or aping the sets of your favourite DJs.

If you send in a progressive mix, you'll be in direct competition with the other 7, prog mixes we get sent each and every month, so make it damn good. Check www. Can I make a career out of being a chill out DJ? I do quite a bit in Scandinavian countries too. I play In an incredible club called Conrad in Copenhagen. You can play a lot of chilled stuff there. I was just a young kid listening to the radio! It's an instrumental, and definitely a classic.

A signature record for me. They would bring it home and I would live it vicariously through them! All I can think about from those days is Frankie Crockett jamming on the radio - he broke that record. I was only 1 3 years old when it came out. This was the beginning of a whole era, of everything. The rap scene was amazing, it was such fun.

To this day I can play this record and people understand it. I first heard it out in 1 at a club called Ones, a spot I used to go to during the week.

It reminds me of rollerskating - 1 was really good. I don 't really tell anybody but I used to go to the rollerskating rinks after The Roxy. It was a big scene. Rough Trade LV: "This was a big record for me in the clubs. I mean, I wasplaying dance-orientated rock as well as hip hop.

This record was the beginning of a whole era called freestyle, which was Latin and hip hop combined. Trax LV: "A classic of all classics on the house tip. I was playing a lot of freestyle music when this came out, but I was loving house music and that track made me want to make house records. I had already made over 1 00 freestyle records but Larry Heard and Mr Fingers took me to a whole different place.

This one really hit hard. Jim Morrison was very eccentric and very different. He was a rebel and a pioneer, man. India was a big Doors fan. Who's a fan? It was a hot track at the time, like a freestyle record with one verse - that was the happening thing at the time.

There were a gang of us who would try and discover where those rock and funk sounds were coming from. Freestyle was really happening and a lot of stuff was coming through musically. The flipside 'Ladidadi' still makes you bump today. I really admired Biz Markie's beats. There was a kid named Hood on this record but the kid got killed. People were checking for him - he could have been someone in this business - but he was homeless.

Tribe introduced jazz to hip hop and that was definitely something that made our collections - and ears - grow. I wish they did more stuff like that. I heard it in the store I worked in on promo and you could tell it was gonna be a big record. The version on the B-side was the one. In his uproarious re-telling of his own life, Barris claims he was also a CIA hit man. Sounds like a winner, particularly since the man who has just pressed this hot Hollywood script on me is also scoring the movie: Mr David Holmes.

If something shit happened, we smoked a cigarette. Can I smoke yours? The only concession to the well-paid aspect of his work I can spot is a shiny new VW Beetle in the drive. The most lavish toys he has splashed out on for himself lately are a couple of vintage keyboards and an amp for the small studio in the spare bedroom.

I knew it was a huge opportunity. The hardest thing about getting into this is having the director trust you with his work. Soderbergh was about to call and offer him the gig anyway. Hollywood, it seems, has developed a taste for DJs soundtracking movies.

Is this what happens? Begin Again Extended Mix. Begin Again. Never Alone. Show More Show Less. Without You. Sophie Francis. So Close Curbi Remix. Georgia Ku. Clara Mae. Summer Of Love.

Although magic is a passion of mine, family is most important. My beautiful wife and I have been happily married for over twenty years. Together we have built a great business in my magic shows and have also started a Bruster’s Ice Cream in Middletown DE.

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  2. MISSION ONE - FINDING TECHNO (all of it) Aha, my fave kind of music. My personal obsession that rulz my eardrums. Even tuned onto streaming UpFM, a lo.
  3. I have magic boobs! OP here I made this by cutting and pasting short fragments of me with bigger balloons in my shirt.
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  5. Oct 30,  · ALL MC MAGIC ft NUMEROUS ARTISTS! Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe.
  6. See more of Tom The Magic Guy on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Thomas Anthony - Magician. This is the page for info, details and updates regarding Thomas Anthony - Magician. See More. Community See All. 1, people like this. 1, people follow this. About See All. Contact Tom The Magic Guy on Messenger.
  7. A set of processes by which mammary structures emit y-chromosome interacting pheromones, causing obedience and tolerance to long boring conversations in males. The exact mechanisms of Boob Magic are still unknown and every man is encouraged to join the .
  8. Lyrics to 'Magic' by Thomas Gold Feat. Jillian Edwards. Baby, who was I before I met you / Honestly I'm too scared to look back / (Scared to look back) / Like a wildfire deep inside got turned loose.

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