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Elgus Feat. Jonah4lyfe - Into You (File, MP3)

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. Beautiful album. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Und wenn solch hocherwertige Hifi-Analgen mit dieser CD getestet werden dann muss sie schon etwas besonderes sein: und das ist sie auch. Ich kannte Ayo vorher nicht und muss sagen: Ich bin begeistert.

Translate review to English. Lo consiglio. Ascolterei la sua voce per ore senza mai stancarmi. Fusione fra reggae e soul davvero gradevole dalla prima all'ultima canzone. Load more international reviews. Besonders gefallen hat mir der hervorragende Klang. Trop de discourt politique en concert mieux en disque. Vous aimez les voix jazzy, c'est propre, bien fait et surtout quel plaisir. Un bon moment, vous recommande vivement cet opus. Une voix sympa qui se pose sur de bons arrangements.

Parfait pour les embouteillages et en musique de fond. C'est un super album. AYO est une voix. Des chansons avec du texte et de la bonne musique.

Je recommanderai cet album. Super Musik! It now supports 64 residents. The debate is not his to deny or affirm; it is up to the people. Recognising January 26 as Australia Day is not a hugely time-honoured tradition.

See the full history at www. In any case, January 26 does not mark the creation of the nation known as Australia. That came on January 1, , with the proclamation of Federation www. That would be a more logical occasion to recognise Australia Day, though you can also see the logical reluctance of authorities to want to stage celebrations immediately after the hangover of New Years Eve. The day imbued with the most emotion and flag-waving is Anzac Day, April If you wanted to pick another day so charged, and equally involving bloody conflict ending in failure, then it would be hard to go past December 3, when in the armed resistance of the Eureka Stockade miners was routed by police and military personnel.

However if you wanted a day that recognised the full value of all Australian citizens it would have to be May That vote followed on from growing outrage in the s at the treatment of Aborigines, who gained the Commonwealth right to vote only in — and the right to vote in Queensland elections in The global economic crisis, they lament, has brought Australia back to the pack, exposing us as just another second rate nation which has relied on its huge supplies of raw materials to get it through.

Now reality has caught up with us and we are revealed as the very ordinary mob we always were. But these naysayers overlook something: Australians have at least had the foresight to elect a leader to see them through the bad times.

Our Prime Minister, it now turns out, is not just an inspired and decisive man of action; he is also a philosopher king. Not content with taking swift and resolute short term measures to cushion the international impact as far as possible, Kevin Rudd has found time to write a treatise on the underlying causes of the collapse and, more importantly, to outline the architecture of a new and improved model to prevent it happening again: Capitalism with a human face.

Now captious critics will complain that this is not an entirely original idea; over the years writers from the United States, England, France, India and even Russia have attempted the same feat. And in Australia, every government since has recognised, to a greater or lesser extent, that the market needs to be tempered by a degree of regulation; that government has a role to play in what is essentially a free enterprise system, and that the public sector must remain a part of a well constructed mixed economy.

Even John Howard, reviled by Rudd as a zealot espousing a neo-liberal brutopia, did not. For this reason the predictable screams of the mad right that Rudd has now thrown off his disguise as an economic conservative and has emerged as a rabid socialist complete with horns and tail are not only. A bold ambition, certainly but the opportunity to achieve it will never be better. And Barack Obama seems to be talking the same language.

Apart from be-. Rudd does suggest that the orgy of deregulation that has taken place over the last thirty years has now proved to be a failure… by Mungo MacCallum bad rhetoric but bad politics. The coming recession and its attendant miseries is all their fault. Rudd, by contrast, commands the high moral ground as healer and statesman.

And in fact his position remains a conservative one, firmly in the tradition of the Liberals own founder, Robert Menzies. He has emphasised the need to preserve the idea of capitalism — not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

But he does suggest that the orgy of deregulation that has taken place over the last thirty years has now proved to be a failure and that a sensible, carefully planned, moderate replacement is needed.

And he sees the opportunity to set up a new regime not just for Australia, but one that is internationally accepted and recognised. The Christian fundamentalists are, of course, outraged, which is good, but the signal it sends to the world — that America is once again here to help, not to coerce — is even better.

Change we can believe in, indeed. One American not overly impressed is Rupert Murdoch, who demanded that Obama defy the American teaching unions huge donors to Democrat Party funds and set up an education revolution.

He did not, however, suggest that the new system should be modelled on Cuba, which has a higher literacy rate than the USA, or even Australia, where Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard are engaged. Perhaps he was still a bit miffed about not receiving a public thank you from his old mum, who was named by his local flagship The Australian as its joint Australian of the year. The other end of the joint was horse trainer Bart Cummings, who has also given Rupert a few good tips over the years.

Meanwhile the real Australian of the Year, Mick Dodson, got a few backs up by suggesting that as January 26, , was the day Aboriginal Australia was effectively ended, it might be nice to consider another date as the national day of celebration. Kevin Rudd replied with a blunt no, and a number of other fogies noted that Australians and indeed the Aboriginals were actually very lucky their continent had been invaded by Britain, with its peerless legal and political system.

But it is not just the first Australians who have their doubts about January. Others of us find it strange that whereas other counties like India whose national day is, coincidentally also January 26 celebrate the start of their independence, Australians are expected to celebrate the start of their colonisation.

With any luck this will change when Australia finally gains its full independence and becomes, like India, a republic. In the meantime, we can only hope that the day itself becomes less of an international embarrassment. At least we think he did. Post Pub. Unsolicited contributions are welcome but, given the volume of material we receive, not all submissions will be acknowledged.

Email to editor echo. What a great public relations and publicity exercise it would be for Byron Shire Council, or even one of the more prosperous local businesses Beach Hotel?

Once an acceptable amount of money was collected, the title could then be handed over to the Parks And Wildlife Service for all to enjoy. Unfortunately for myself, I do not have the time nor finances to make such a wonderful dream a reality. As all of Mt Chincogan is presently in private ownership there is no public access. Purchase of this land would mean that Mt Chincogan has the potential to become a great asset for the people and environment of the Byron Shire as well as for regional tourism.

So how could this purchase be achieved? Rainforest Rescue, a not for profit organisation based in Mullumbimby, has been involved in buying land for communities, and protecting and restoring rainforests for the past ten years. Rainforest Rescue has a proven track record of success in the Daintree rainforest in far north Queensland, having to date purchased ten properties and protected them forever in declared Nature Reserves.

We also have international projects that focus on the protection and restoration of rainforest and, where. We are interested in assisting the community to acquire Mt Chincogan.

This has been especially recognised over the Christmas school holidays as I try to juggle work, kids, and all the other stuff associated with school hols. Sometimes people like Terri are not recognised enough, or we just get caught up in life but I know she does a great job with her family and just recently lost a great friend in Jenny Verroen and I have seen the support she gave Jenny over the years and also to Gerard especially at this time. The event was an outstanding success with an estimated 1, people captivated by the vibrant and colourful display of contemporary local Indigenous art.

But I am mostly indebted to the 40 talented Indigenous artists who displayed their skills in proudly portraying their culture. This survey work also allowed me the opportunity to climb the mountain so I can attest to the spectacular views of the coast and Cape. The knowledge you mention is collective. I am impressed that you remembered that I came from UK.

Yes, I cut my campaigning activist teeth on a dustpan brushing up road dust from the medieval stone bridge spanning the River Thames so that it could be tested for lead content. Champions Hardware,. I have seen it happen, W B. The Henley Standard printed my letters about such things as banning nuclear wastes being transported through the town. That was when I first tasted the heady elation of seeing my contribution in print; something that we perhaps share, eh, W B?

Good neighbour We have just handed out Australia Day honours and congrats to all recipients but I feel I must pay a similar tribute to my neighbour, locally, at Wilsons Creek.

Since the death of my wife two years ago Terri Wheatley has been a fantastic support. Letters to the Editor Fax: Email: editor echo. Letters longer than words may be cut; letters already published in other papers will not be considered; pseudonyms not acceptable.

Please include your full name, address and phone number. We wish to encourage as much interest and as many applications as possible. Tender submissions close February We are hoping that the ten-. It is a relatively simple construction with many elements of the design being prefabricated. The construction will be managed under expert project supervision conditions. Fingers tightly crossed… Maggie Brown.

Mullum and appreciate both the strong community spirit and the quiet peaceful environment. I find the noise from air traffic completely incongruent with these ideals. Over Mullumbimby training pilots apparently practise aerobatic manoeuvres, including cutting out the engine and practising jump-starting the plane.

I used to think they were taking off and landing from somewhere near the town. These are not consistent background sounds and it is a frequent occurrence, sometimes several times per day.

I have contacted the Byron Council, who referred me to Air Services Australia, who referred me to my local member. I am too busy to do this but if someone wanted to take it on, a petition would help. In the meantime please let Justine know if you would like to protect the rights of Mullumbimby to retain its peaceful airspace. There must be any number of landmarks that can be used for this purpose.

If you would like to protect the peace in the airways over Mullum, contact. Wicked, wicked ways The depth of bias in this piece by your correspondent Jann Gilbert following a letter by Suffolk Park resident Rebecca Olive is absolutely breathtaking.

As a very recent arrival in Suffolk, having moved from a beachside suburb in Sydney that is now over-run with bylaw signage and crawling with rangers, I am appalled that there are moves in Byron in a similar direction. Am I missing something? I thought Byron traded worldwide as a refuge for free thinkers and understanding hearts. Many here make good livings from the hapless traveller, even those in Wicked vans. We would all do well to remember that some of the best arrive by the most humble of means.

David Hancock. Could you please provide us with your address and we will gladly send the 15 or so vans that currently spend each night partying outside our house over to yours. You can claim expenses like textbooks, stationery, educational software and even computers, printers and the internet. You claim the refund on your tax return. Like Jenny we have been keen to find a solution. We just happen to believe that a southern bypass in the Bangalow valley will just bring more pollution, noise, environmental degradation and loss of visual amenity to the town for relatively small benefit.

Another solution is needed. Our view is that when completed, regardless of its route, the T2E together with the completed Ballina and Alstonville bypasses will be more attractive to trucks going to and from Lismore than the Lismore Bangalow Road, notwithstanding a southern bypass of Bangalow. Not only will the highway reduce travel times, it will be much safer without the high risk of accidents. It surely makes good future economic sense for freight to get off Granuaille and Bangalow Roads and to go where it should be — on our highways rather than our local roads.

This picture is of my 8 year old son and 20mth old daughter. Is this the best we can do? Everything goes somewhere. All things are connected. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Nature bats last. Peggy Balfour has, as usual, Letters, January 27 nailed the problem at the core of our relationship with our finite planet and the other living beings with whom we share entitlement to its resources: overpopulation.

Babies suck. Electric transport An Electric Vehicle Action Group is needed to help raise awareness and lobby for change. It is now generally accepted that renewable electric power is the best long term solution for mass personal transport.

As far as I know there is no action group in this region specifically relating to electric powered personal transport. I am calling on all readers who either are interested in. Adrian Gattenhof Mullumbimby a thing of the past when Woolworths comes to town, with the construction trucks and increased traffic the streets surroundMystified ing the development will become quite unsafe.

Woolworths I am mystified as to why a will affect us all in one way or another. Please do not support chilled reggae festival planned them when they come to town. Tracey Hamilton for January 26 at the Red Devil. This includes electric bicycles and hybrid cars. Please send me your contact details via sapoty beyond-oil.

Let me know you views and ideas and I will organise a meeting. Sapoty Brook. Some of these letters are on our website at www. Mullumbimby grounds could not go ahead and had to move to Ballina and Baby love five days later another festival Peggy Balfour says it well Let- called Legends of Rock is given ters, January Our appetite approval to go ahead by Counfor growth in consumption and cil on the same grounds in what population appears to be limit- appears to be lightning speed.

Call 02 www. Below are excerpts. May I tell you of the precise moment when I first became aware of being Australian? My mother, brother and I had left Melbourne and followed my father across the country to a better job, and the sudden heatwave that rolled across our sandy suburb a few weeks later was a novel experience.

The new school year had just begun and already my secondgrade teacher, the stout, turtle-shaped and crimson-faced Miss Doris Langridge, seemed to detest me. It was inlaid with little squares of West Australian timbers and its leading edge was inset with metal, the better to slam the fingers of any boy holding his pen at the wrong angle.

The first day, Miss Langridge mocked me in front of the class. Shark versus the Dingo. People of the Northern Rivers are, above all, hedonists, who enjoy their sensual, casual, invariably coastal pleasures.

Always you sense that just over that hill is the rainforest; and back over that dune lies the beach. But my Melburnian mother was adamant: her son would not be educated in bare feet. So began the first survival strategy of my life: removing my shoes and socks every morning on the way to school and stuffing them in my schoolbag until I neared home again. Groups of 50 or more go into the draw! Miss Langridge had won that one: a bitter smirk greeted the sight of my pale naked toes. You must never slump!

All day Sunday I anxiously anticipated Monday morning and the savage, overpowdered face of Miss Langridge glowering close to mine, her cheeks quivering with such sudden whipped-up fury that little flakes of dislodged powder floated in the air between us. The second time in my life that I became acutely aware of being Australian was when. I moved here five years ago. Immediately I felt intensely involved in the weather and my surroundings — in the trees and crops and native animals.

They changed my whole creative outlook. Suddenly, when I wrote, I found myself introducing the vegetation and wildlife into the story as if they were characters. Nowadays I have to go through my work editing out brush turkeys and brown snakes. Australia Day and the welcoming of new citizens brings home to us the fact that most Australian children can grow up in the sun, in a fortunate environment, dreamily lying on the grass amid the carolling of magpies.

That is no news to us. What we often fail to grasp is how novel this physical freedom can be to newcomers from other countries. How can they know this outdoor stuff so instinctively? Even in times of economic uncertainty, in such an open climate, where immigrant children unfold and grow like flannel flowers in the sun, there is still a feeling that one can accomplish things, take risks without feeling hamstrung by the past or the Establishment way of doing things. Some of this optimism is illusory, a sort of summer mirage, like the way Julian Rocks, viewed from the mainland, sometimes seem to break into pieces and drift off with our memories into the wider ocean.

But I believe much of it is true. I had lived on both sides of Australia, as well as many years overseas, but here in this area, in middle-age, I felt almost mythically bound to the land. As it happens, I believe Australians share two central myths: the myth of landscape and the myth of character, and I think the people of this region are, without question, onehundred-percent inheritors of the myth of landscape. The Australia Day weekend was so hot! My feet gently splashed through small waves.

My tired mind was a grateful blank. What can I add to the community voices converging on Parliament on February 3 about the urgency of addressing climate change? But for now, I was hiding as one of hundreds in a holiday crowd. Funny to think there are merely those six degrees of separation between all of us strangers here. And all the life in the sea — how many degrees between us here and them there?

What acts as the mediator in such a trans-species network? Suddenly, I was startled alert as four young men cut in front of me. They were finishing the beers in their hands and picking up their surfboards. They made ready to jog out to the waves. It was not their rough manners or good looks that snapped me awake. Not their violation of the alcohol ban, either. It was their carbon cycle. Why, only yesterday, I had just reread a story by Primo Levi, the Italian chemist and.

Holocaust survivor. A gaseous carbon is released from limestone burnt in a kiln. This airborne carbon is finally caught by photosynthesis enacted within a leaf of a grape vine. The carbon is locked into a sugar, which becomes part of wine. A man drinks this wine. Its carbon is stored in his liver until, in a burst of exercise, it is used as energy.

The sugar turns to lactic acid, which the man feels as aching legs. But as he pants to regain his breath, his biochemistry neutralises the acid. The carbon leaves his body in his exhalations as carbon dioxide. This tale was published in Levi notes that humans have not tried to grasp directly from carbon dioxide what is needed to sustain life. After all, plants do it so elegantly.

In , about 38 years later, he published one more book. Veron is raising an alarm about the new state of play in the carbon cycle. Breathing across the face of the ocean, gaseous carbon is bound up by the surface waters. But in doing so, the chemistry of the sea alters and becomes slightly more acidic. For calcification is another aspect that we barely glimpse of the mighty carbon cycle. Organisms lock carbon with calcium to use as a building material. In the ocean the results are skeletons, shells and the hard foundation of the coral reefs themselves.

Seawater that is a fraction too acidic seems to lead to fatal interruptions in this cycle. Breaking down the coral reefs. Disturbing the shell building of mussels, oysters and snails. Affecting the squid who grow cuttlebones. Remember entire populations of squid only exist for a year or two at most and for part of the year they are all only orphan eggs, in waters. Meanwhile, fish are also involved in that same pH balancing act.

Researchers now report that since fish drink seawater and collect too much calcium, they bind it with carbon in their gut and then excrete calcium carbonate. DJ Fortee — Made for the Fit ft.

Fency Editor - 29th May DJ Raybel — Get Away ft. Jessica Sodi Editor - 29th May DJ Ganyani — Tsokombela ft. Tribute Birdie Mboweni Editor - 29th May Kwesta — Dreams ft. Tiga Maine Editor - 28th May Blaq Diamond Editor - 28th May Clicking Send means that you agree to our Privacy Policy terms. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to browse, we will assume you are happy with it.

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