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Da Samba Coneexão - Fruet E Os Cozinheiros - O Somdo Ou Fim Tanto Faz (CD)

Emperor penguins are in danger. Save i. She is playing a Mozart piano sonata. They are much more economical. Trees make clean air for us to breathe.

A Class in Cape Town 1. Responda ao quiz com um colega e descubra. It's good to be. Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is a crucial process that can be considered the ultimate source of life for nearly all plants and animals. It provides the source of energy that drives all their metabolic processes.

Observe the picture and read the text below. They give us a basic idea of how that process works. Plants make their own food from sunlight, water, and soil. They get water from minerals from the ground through their roots. They also absorb carbon dioxide from the air through tiny holes in their leaves. The green pigment in plant leaves is called chlorophyll. It combines solar energy with water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose. This process is called photosynthesis.

During the process the plant releases oxygen into the atmosphere. It uses some of the glucose to grow larger. When humans and other animals eat plants, they also make use of his stored energy. Glasgow: Harper Collins, They give us flowers and food, And then we cut them down. They give us shade and wood, And then we cut them down. Converse com seus colegas e professores, principalmente os de Sociologia e de Biologia. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Access: March. Access: Jan. Check Your English 1 1.

Mark the correct answers to these questions. This problem is in the newspapers almost every day. What are human beings putting into the atmosphere? When male and female… change their chicks. Why is global warming affecting animals like the polar bears in the Arctic and the emperor penguins in Antarctica?

Trees are great and beautiful machines, in the words of some scientists. What happens when a tree dies? Put the words below in the correct order to make sentences. Complete the sentences with one of the words in the box, as adequate. In one of the sentences, more than one word is possible. They recycle their c. Trees never substance for the benefit of all animal and plant life. Carbon dioxide is always burn something. Text I Climate Change The burning of coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as deforestation and various agricultural and industrial practices, are altering the composition of the atmosphere and contributing to climate change.

These human activities cause greater concentrations of particles and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Increased concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane have a heating effect. Access: Oct. What human activities are contributing to climate change? The burning of coal, oil and natural gas, as well as deforestation and various agricultural and industrial practices. Which greenhouse gases are the main factors causing climate change?

Carbon dioxide and methane. The crucial biological cycling of carbon depends on photosynthesis, the process through which plants use the energy of the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into the carbon-based carbohydrates they need to create tissue. This chemical reaction frees oxygen, releasing it to the atmosphere for animals to breathe.

By locking up carbon in their tissues, often for decades, plants help regulate the carbon cycle. National Geographic Magazine. He is a great horseback rider and his horse can run really fast. New York and Virginia are not on the same time zone.

A energia do Sol. Every month a man travels on horseback from New York City to Virginia. The trip normally takes four days. He leaves New York on Wednesday and arrives on the same Wednesday. How is that possible? How do you evaluate your own progress? Now I can…. Newscientist, Mar. Autobiography in Five Short Chapters Do you make silly mistakes now and then? Do you insist on making the same mistakes?

Does habit sometimes assume control of your actions? Does life teach you a lesson sometimes? Do you learn from your mistakes? Read the poem and see if it makes any sense to you. Chapter Three I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I see it is there. I know where I am. It is my fault. I get out immediately. Chapter One I walk down the street. I fall in. It takes forever to find a way out. Chapter Two I walk down the street. I fall in again. It still takes a long time to get out.

Chapter Four I walk down the same street. I walk around it. Chapter Five I walk down another street. Autobiography in Five Short Chapters. Hillsboro: Beyond Words Publishing, General Comprehension Portia Nelson foi uma cantora, compositora, atriz e autora norte-americana. Acesso: 1 mar. A metaphor is a word or phrase that means one thing and is used, especially in literature, to refer to another thing to emphasize their similar qualities.

In Other Words Find the words or phrases in the poem that mean the same as the definitions and phrases below. They appear in the same order in the poem.

I was stuck in a traffic jam. False Friends False friends or false cognates are words in a language that look similar to words in another language but have different meanings. Pretend is one of the many false friends in English, when comparing with Portuguese.

What does actually mean? Observe the words in bold in the following sentences. They are all false friends. Choose the correct meaning of each one. My parents made a compromise never to argue.

They live in perfect harmony. In his latest novel, the author gives us a comprehensive description of the hazards caused by nuclear plants. Repetition is a common technique used by the poet to make a point. It can be found in a pattern repeated along Autobiography in Five Short Chapters: I walk down the street. I walk down the street. I walk down the same street.

I walk down another street. When Does It Happen? By doing so, she shows how she changes over time. Chapter Two. Chapter Four. Chapter Five. Chapter Three. I learn from my mistakes. Nas perguntas a seguir, identifique o do como verbo auxiliar e como verbo principal. Em seguida, traduza-as. Do you do your homework in the evening? Agora observe as formas verbais em destaque nestas perguntas: Do you make silly mistakes now and then? Vamos tomar por exemplo o verbo to like.

Match the questions to the answers. Yes, she does. No, she doesn't. No, it doesn't. In Chapter One, does the author walk down the street? Does she find a way out immediately? Does she get out immediately? In Chapter Three, does she see the hole in the sidewalk? Does she know where she is? Does it take her a long time to get out? In Chapter Four, does she fall in? In Chapter Five, does she walk down the same street? Now give short answers to these questions.

Respostas pessoais. Do you come to school every day? Yes, I do. Observe esta resposta, especialmente o do em destaque: Do you learn from your mistakes? Of course you do. Do you walk down the same street every day?

Maybe you do. Do you sometimes make mistakes? Everybody does. Where does the author walk? Who walks down the same street four times? Does it seem necessary to change your habits then? Complete os quadrinhos com as frases e palavras do quadro abaixo. See you, Linda! Acessos: 4 mar. Actually she falls in and she shouts for help.

A strong handsome boy helps her. In the end they fall in love. She falls in. They fall in love. She shouts for help. A girl walks down the street. Antes de iniciar a atividade pergunte aos alunos se eles conhecem as personalidades desta atividade: Albert Einstein Mar. Helen Keller Jun. Eleanor Roosevelt Oct.

One of his most famous novels is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer These are quotes from some famous personalities and their life lessons. Match each quote with its meaning. Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. Albert Einstein. Sometimes you are so involved in your problems and planning for the future that you forget to enjoy the present.

John Lennon. O escritor norte-americano William Arthur Ward disse:. After he was 18, Santos-Dumont lived in Paris, where he made his name.

But that was just the beginning. O pai dele era rico ou pobre? Qual era o grande sonho desse jovem? Onde ele viveu a partir dos 18 anos? O que ele pilotou inicialmente? He made his first balloon ascent in and soon after that began constructing dirigible airships. In he won a Paris air race and international fame. His flight was the first in Europe, and his plane was the first anywhere to lift off the ground under its own power.

In Santos-Dumont designed the Demoiselle monoplane, the forerunner of modern light planes. In Santos-Dumont fell ill with multiple sclerosis and retired from flying.

He returned to Brazil. Ill and despondent over the use of aircraft in warfare, he committed suicide in Time, May 24, Finding the Main Ideas The text contains 3 paragraphs. Complete the following sentences with the number of each paragraph, according to its main idea. Paragraph 3 describes the decline of the inventor and his tragic death. In Other Words Match the two columns to find the definitions of some important words and phrases from the text.

Words in Context Complete the sentences with the correct words, as adequate. When you fall , it is time to call a doctor. Alberto Santos-Dumont a. Answer the questions choosing from the phrases in the box. Then work with a classmate and ask him or her those questions. Alberto Santos-Dumont was born in When did he die? The text on page 66 was originally published in an American magazine. Some important information about the Brazilian inventor was not included in that story.

Scan the text to identify the information given in the sentences below that is not in that text. Not in the text d. Not in the text e. Not in the text f. Not in the text g. He did it in the presence of a crowd in Paris. Not in the text j. Esse Wright. Enquanto isso, diante precursor dos modernos ultraleves.

Observe os verbos em destaque nestas frases: After he was 18, Santos-Dumont lived in Paris. In Santos-Dumont designed the Demoiselle monoplane. He returned to Brazil in Agora observe os verbos em destaque nestas frases: Alberto Santos-Dumont spent his childhood on an isolated coffee plantation in Minas Gerais. At first he flew balloons and dirigible airships.

Use the Simple Past of the regular verbs in the box to complete the following sentences. Use the Simple Past of the irregular verbs in the box to complete these sentences.

Cabral left Lisbon on March 9, and reached the coast of Bahia on April 22, Who said. Complete the following sentences with the Simple Past of the verbs in the box. Some of them are regular, others are not. For irregular verbs, refer to the list on page Work with a classmate.

Tarsila do Amaral Empreendimentos. A Press. There was a meeting here last week. Complete the sentences using the words in the correct order.

It happened a long time ago. Reading is good for you. Jane likes reading. O Present Participle ocorre quando a -ing form faz parte de um tempo verbal ou funciona como um verbo.

Jane is reading now. I saw her reading. Por vezes, dependendo do contexto, a forma terminada em -ing pode corresponder a um substantivo. Volte aos textos p. Birds flying through the air. Santos-Dumont was When he was the skies. Depois, ouvem mais uma vez para conferir suas respostas. After he was 18 he went to Paris, where he made went up his name. He in a balloon for the first time in In he built Bis.

In October he flew his Bis in the presence of a crowd in Paris. Man could. How did you feel? And now? Who did you go with? The balloon seems to stand still in the air while the Earth flies past underneath. Rio de Janeiro: Objetiva, Rio de Janeiro: Record, Quem foi esse menino? O que ele fez? Por que ele changed the world with his music? Quantos anos ele viveu? Por que esse menino ficou famoso? Young Wolfgang was a child prodigy. He mastered piano compositions at age 5, played before the Austrian emperor at age 6, wrote symphonies when he was 9.

In the Austrian emperor Joseph II appointed him court composer. Mozart enjoyed a successful career but he did not know how to manage his financial situation. He spent money as fast as he made it. In his short life he wrote over compositions of beautiful music, but he was in debt when he died at the age of One day, a young man went to visit Mozart, who was already a famous composer, and asked him for advice on composing a symphony. Mozart was a prodigy, a great artist, a genius. He changed the world for the better with his eternal music, and his name is now linked to science.

Scientists believe the rhythmical and melodic patterns in music provide a form of therapy that promotes greater relaxation, improves memory recall and some other cognitive processes. Why music? Listen to a Mozart composition and enjoy the experience. The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, Mozart was a very prolific successful composer.

Mozart did not want to help any young composers. Mozart died when he was still a young man. Comente com os alunos os significados de before como: 1. Then write down the letter that corresponds to each verb in Portuguese. He died. This child prodigy became one of the most popular and prolific classical composers of his time.

He spent. Can you identify them? Complete the sentences with the phrases from the box. Family portrait of the Mozarts. Ascribed to Johann Nepomuk della Croce Detailed Comprehension Mark these statements T for true or F for false. Correct the false statements.

T Mozart was able to write long complex pieces of music by the time he was nine. T Mozart was appointed court composer when he was F Mozart had a successful career and he was rich when he died. T Mozart never asked anyone how to compose a symphony. T Mozart was not very successful in money matters. A Classical Composer 1. Europa g. F Ele morreu aos 45 anos. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; money; Mozart; symphonies.

Mozart was a child prodigy. He composed symphonies when he was very young. Joseph II liked Mozart. Wolfgang had a sister, Maria Anna, they often called her Nannerl. Wolfgang loved her. The young man needed advice on how to compose symphonies.

He did not know how to write them. The Hollywood movie Th e Sound of Music also helped to make Salzburg and its hills, parks, gardens and mountains very famous. The Sound of M usic, with Julie Andrews. Re me Raymond Lawrence mb er? Music is in the air in thi fantas tic s city! How did he do it? Where did he live? What did he compose when he was 9? Who did Joseph II appoint as court composer? The following images show absurd scenes, none of them corresponds to History.

Write 5 sentences about what you think he or she did yesterday. Examples: He played video games. He watched TV. He did his homework. He listened to some music. Now ask questions to your classmate to find out if your sentences are correct.

Then change places. Example: Did you play video games yesterday? Yes, I did. Na primeira os alunos pesquisam em casa sobre o artista e depois fazem a atividade oral na aula. Se achar pesquisada por ele. Full name: E-mail: Suggestions: I want to know more about I have some questions like No final, troque o livro com seu colega e veja sobre qual artista ele gostaria de saber mais.

Se souber, responda a alguma pergunta dele. Music is important for individual growth and early-development because Adapted from: The Mozart Effect. De 20 a 30 segundos. O Efeito Mozart. Rio de Janeiro: Rocco, I'm curious.

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. What about you? Do you? Give the answer you think is right.

Possible answers: We destroy trees because. Santos-Dumont is the name of an airport in Rio. He was a national hero. What do you know about him? Americans believe Orville and Wilbur Wright, the Wright Brothers, were the first to fly a heavier-than? Do you agree with them c.

You and I need help with this exercise. Can the? Ella Fitzgerald was a great singer. I really like her. Tom Jobim was Brazilian, just like you and me 0. Once somebody challenged Hemingway to write a full story in no more than six words.

One man — Isaac Newton — presented the world with three fundamental discoveries: the method of calculus, which is the basis for much of modern mathematics; the spectral composition of light along with the fundamentals of optics; and the law of universal gravitation and the basic laws of mechanics.

Newton was then twenty-three years old. The story about Newton and the apple is not a legend. Newton frequently described it himself. He saw an apple fall from a tree to the ground at a time when the moon was in the evening sky.

He asked himself if the moon was attracted by the same force the apple was — the rest is history. When it fell, the apple did not hit Newton on the head. That is a legend. Book of Facts. Choose the best sentence ending to complete each sentence. Newton made important contributions in all these fields of science, except The scientist discovered that the same force that made the apple fall down and not up was also attracting When Newton saw that apple fall from the tree, he was inspired to formulate his theory of Acesso em: 28 jul.

Por que motivo o autor da mensagem se sente agradecido? Can You Live Without It? What do the Internet and a library have in common? Is the information from the Net always well organized? What do you know about the Internet? Develop hypotheses about the information in the text and check it as you read.

Find them in the text and write P for positive meaning or N for negative meaning. P wise. The Internet is a worldwide medium for exchanging information and opinions, from wise to silly. We can read newspapers from distant lands, see our own house from outer space, watch breaking news in real time via video. We can buy and sell anything from houses to automobiles, do on-line banking, reserve a restaurant table, without leaving home. Planet Earth is now a really small world.

Combining tools with language, the Internet is an enormous step toward global connectivity. We now have the opportunity to create the so-called global village.

But what is the future of the Internet? Perhaps the Internet is our village campfire, illuminating. What lies beyond that light is just a supposition. Nobody can offer more than clever suppositions. By definition, we cannot imagine what we cannot imagine. Many Web surfers are frustrated by the enormous amount of content available. Searching for information on-line is like trying to get a glass of water from Niagara Falls.

But can you live without it? Discover Magazine, New York, Which of the following sentences shows the main idea not just the details of the text? By using the Internet it is perfectly easy to separate relevant information from information that has no value. For people who live in the jungle, the Internet brings nothing but ignorance and fear. There are negative and positive sides to the use of the Internet, but it is a powerful tool when you use it wisely.

By using the Internet you can read a great number of books but first you have to pick them up from the floor. In Other Words Match the two columns finding the right definition for the following words and phrases. A campfire produces heat and. Complete the table with the ideas expressed by the discourse markers that can be found in Can You Live Without It?. Now complete the sentences with those discourse markers, as adequate. Professor Paulos compares the Internet to a very large library.

When you go on-line you can do a lot of things without c. You can now see your own house from. Perhaps the future of Planet Earth is linked to the future of the Internet. Noun Phrases Scan the text to find the adjectives or nouns that complete the following phrases: a.

Identify the false word in each sentence and change it to make the statement true. The Internet is a national medium for exchanging information and opinions. Planet Earth is now a really enormous world. We now have the opportunity to create the so-called global garbage.

Many Web surfers are frustrated by the small amount of content available. Searching for misinformation on-line is like trying to get a glass of water from Niagara Falls. The Internet is an enormous step beyond global connectivity.

UNIT 7. We cannot imagine what we cannot imagine. The thing that the world needs now is love, sweet love. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. The time is always right to do the thing that is right. Martin Luther King, Jr. The time is always right to do what is right. Compare: The thing that we all admire is courage. What we all admire is courage. This information is now available and it is free. You can take anything that you want.

Complete the sentences with that or what. All that c. He can park only in the parking lot. Can I use yours? Can you help me with this problem? Para expressar capacidade, habilidade natural ou aprendida , can pode corresponder a: poder Can I help you?

Can you live without the Internet? Can he speak English? UNIT 7 Going to a funeral can be a sad experience. My friend Debbie can't play d. Podemos consultar qualquer site para uma pesquisa escolar. Associe-as aos significados. Veja alguns exemplos: Examples. What We Can Do to navigate on websites from universities to ask a teacher for tips on what sites you should visit to ask your parents for help.

What We Mustn't Do to use copyrighted material to copy texts from sites to use in a paper without mentioning the source to navigate on unreliable sites. Para ampliar sua pesquisa na Internet, Mark postou uma mensagem. I'm not sure, but you can try www. Dreaming of improved communications between scientists, by he invented the software for building web pages and linking them to others via the Internet.

The inventor of such a wonderful communication tool deserves to be considered an extraordinary man. Can you think of other extraordinary people like him?

Science - The Definitive Visual Guide. London: Dorling Kindersley, Quando ele inventou o programa que batizou de WWW e o que isso significa? Antes de ; Rede Mundial. Na lanchonete. Adivinhe quem foi o vencedor?

Faria a mesma escolha? Exagerado quase viciado , moderado, controlado, desinteressado? Mas, como todas as maravilhas, too much of a good thing pode ser demais. Moderation, como sempre, is the name of the game. Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet. New York: Ecco, The Story of the Internet. A REDE social. GET Safe Online. Robots are getting smarter every day. Human beings better be thinking about science fiction becoming reality.

You are going to read a text about some incredible machines. First look at the picture and the title of the text. What do you know about robots? Watching movies like I, Robot, and Wall-E and reading science fiction novels of the past we see robots as helpers or servants of humanity.

But real robots are very different. They can do lots of jobs, perform lots of tasks, they can even play soccer! What new information about robots do you expect to find in the text? Make your own predictions and check them as you read the text. Do those words have a positive or a negative meaning?

Write P for positive and N for negative next to each word. N dangerous. Robots are already a part of our lives. They do jobs that are too dirty, boring, risky, difficult or impossible for us: they are vacuuming the floors in your home and exploring the surface of Mars.

Industrial robots are widely used in manufacturing. Military and police organizations use robots to assist in dangerous situations.

Teams composed of autonomous robots no joysticks or remote controls will pass, kick, and shoot against each other according to official soccer rules. Will the robots win? Many scientists think the robots of science fiction will soon become a reality. We will use the abilities of our machine creations to enhance and redesign ourselves.

Cultural and ethical values will be as important as the available technology in developing future robots. Or, worst scenario, our enemies? Observe the title of the text and choose the best answers. Are they robots? The text contains 4 paragraphs. Write the number of each paragraph next to the heading you think contains its main idea.

Observe the words in bold in the sentences below and mark the idea expressed by each of them. Mark each sentence T for true or F for false. T Some future robots will be more intelligent than we are. F Joanne Pransky is the scientist who will use a robot to explore the surface of Mars.

F Human intelligence will never be surpassed by machines created by human beings. F The robots of science fiction will never become a reality. F Cultural and ethical values are not really important in developing new robots.

Many scientists think that the robots of science fiction will soon become a reality. Em todas as frases abaixo, that foi omitido. Hansen believes what is happening to the penguins is a disaster. Hansen believes that What is it going to be about? Look at those dark clouds! Use the contracted form of to be 'm, 're, 's. The factories that produce our computers and televisions, the planes we fly, and the cars we drive.

Do you think the Amazon Forest has a future? The Amazon Forest is a victim of the attraction it holds for international groups greedy for natural resources. Look at those cats! They're going to have a fight. I'm going to drink some water. Look at that car! It's going to crash! UNIT 8 Da mesma forma que o modal verb can Unit 7 , will pode expressar mais de uma ideia.

What new information about robots will you find. In the future, everybody will have a personal robot. Will you close the window, please? Compare: We will go to the party tomorrow. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in. What are you doing this weekend? Personal Pronouns. Fill in the blanks with reflexive pronouns, as adequate.

A friend is a present you give yourself b. Imposto pelas grandes companhias de disco. Sua Ex. RJ, Funarte, , p. Idem 4. Idem, p. Rio de Janeiro, Funarte, , p. Rio de Janeiro, Record, Viveiros de Castro. Funarte, UFRJ, p. Saga, RJ, No contexto de uma sociedade industrializada, modernidade e nacionalidade articulados formam a racionalidade capitalista.

Foi um bravo no passado Quando resistiu com valentia Para se livrar do sofrimento Que o cativeiro infligia. XX, p. Rio de Janeiro.

Editora Rocco, , Cap. Casa Grande Senzala. HALL, Stuart. Rio de Janeiro:Jorge Zahar Ed. Almofadinhas e Malandros. Cultura brasileira e identidade nacional. UCG, , pp. O samba surgiu da mistura de estilos musicais de origem africana e brasileira.

O primeiro samba gravado no Brasil foi Pelo Telefone, no ano de , cantado por Bahiano. A letra deste samba foi escrita por Mauro de Almeida e Donga. Tempos depois, o samba toma as ruas e espalha-se pelos carnavais do Brasil.

Bahia, Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo. Os tipos de samba mais conhecidos e que fazem mais sucesso são os da Bahia, do Rio de Janeiro e de São Paulo. O samba baiano é influenciado pelo lundu e maxixe, com letras simples, balanço rápido e ritmo repetitivo. A lambada, por exemplo, é neste estilo, pois tem origem no maxixe.

9 thoughts on “Da Samba Coneexão - Fruet E Os Cozinheiros - O Somdo Ou Fim Tanto Faz (CD)

  1. A tristeza é senhora Desde que o samba é samba, é assim A lágrima clara sobre a pele escura A noite, a chuva que cai lá fora. Solidão apavora Tudo demorando em ser tão ruim Mas alguma coisa acontece No quando agora em mim Cantando eu mando a tristeza embora. O samba ainda vai nascer O samba ainda não chegou O samba não vai morrer Veja, o dia ainda não raiou.
  2. "O pagode do Rio é um pouco mais lento, o nosso é mais dançante por influência do samba de roda, da conga e dos cânticos do candomblé. Quando toca, não fica ninguém parado." "Aí dizem que.
  3. Jan 03,  · Mangueira - Atrás da Verde e Rosa só não vai quem já morreu () Quem nunca ouviu esse samba é porque não curte Carnaval mesmo ou não é brasileiro. Apesar da escola ter ficado em 12º lugar, o samba-enredo é considerado por parte da crítica como um dos mais empolgantes da história do Carnaval.
  4. José Horta Manzano «Mulher que não dá samba, eu não quero mais». Assim vai o refrão do samba sacudido que Paulo Vanzolini criou e Carmen Costa gravou em em duo com Paulo Marquez. Nessa música, o compositor pinta os traços de uma mulher-objeto. Fosse hoje, ele seria renegado como machista malvado, plantado a milhas.
  5. O compositor Zuzuca, seguindo os passos de Martinho da Vila, simplificou o samba-enredo, com versos curtos e refrães pegajosos. Poucos sambas foram tão gravados e difundidos quanto este – tanto que, até hoje, sua melodia é entoada pela torcida do Barcelona.
  6. Evento: o desfile das escolas de samba em e os Sete Povos das No fim da década de 90, com a morte de Cabo, o clube deixa de existir. Quando Miguelina falece, no final de , o acervo fotográfico das expressão artística com o julgo da estética pode ser altamente benéfico tanto.
  7. Jan 12,  · E só fez samba sobre a história do brasil. E tome de incofidência, abolição, proclamação, chica da silva, e o coitado Do crioulo tendo que aprender tudo isso para o enredo da escola.
  8. O Inicio: Me chamo Edson Souza mais conhecido como, Edinho Meirelys, sou Diretor Executivo desse veiculo de comunicação. Sou professor de Danças de Salão e Coreógrafo, comecei a dar aulas de danças de salão com 14 anos de idade, onde comecei a minha carreira profissional no mundo da dança, também já era passista da Unidos da Ponte escola de samba que me consagrei como professor de.
  9. Samba-Enredo - Caymmi Mostra Ao Mundo o Que a Bahia e a Mangueira Tem G.R.E.S. Estação Primeira de Mangueira (RJ) Brasil Nagô Fundo de Quintal Se Não Fosse o Samba Bezerra da Silva.

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